7 Gate Academy, Vancouver’s First Blockchain Learning Academy, Announces New Cohorts to Support Developers in Canada

By startupbeatadmin February 18, 2020

 7 Gate Academy, the blockchain and machine learning bootcamp backed by venture capital firm 7 Gate Ventures, announces two new cohorts for the program beginning in late January 2020.

The international academy aims to support Vancouver’s developers and burgeoning tech scene by addressing a talent gap in the blockchain and machine learning industries, and more broadly to advance these critical ecosystems across Canada.

“We are very proud to announce our new cohorts in Vancouver, and to help companies across our thriving technology sector attract the talent required that will enable them to succeed,” said Alireza Rahnema, Principal at 7 Gate Ventures.

“Building on our mission to make Vancouver the best place to launch and grow a business, our academy guides, mentors, and highlights the opportunities for growth in our vibrant city.”

7 Gate Academy has been determined from the beginning to have its curriculum serve the needs of Vancouver and Canada’s tech ecosystems, directly seeking feedback from CTO’s on what skills are lacking from the talent pool.

Founded in June of 2018 to educate developers possessing limited experience with blockchain, the academy, which today has expanded to also support AI developers, aims to empower the startup ecosystem by helping the software developers quickly upscale themselves in multiple categories and capacities pertaining to these emerging technologies.

The program today operates in Vancouver, with plans to expand its free courses and curriculum across Canada. 

7 Gate Academy also connects graduates to startup companies, corporate companies, and portfolio companies. Included in the organization’s first cohorts, which have attracted over 300 applicants and produced 40 graduates, was an agricultural venture that was recently accepted to TechStars.

The organization also has a diversity inclusion focus, with two seats reserved for female developers in order to support underrepresented women in Canada’s tech ecosystem.

“We see blockchain and machine learning as the prominent technologies driving the 4th technological revolution,” says Mahroo Vaziri, the program’s director.

“As such, we also see the academy as an opportunity to have direct access to aspiring individuals who are able to create new ideas and companies that we can help support.”

“With the recent explosion of raw data that is informing nearly all industries – from e-commerce to med-tech – we believe that investing in those individuals with a realistic grasp on the potential to increase efficiency and decrease the noise is a prudent guiding principle,” added Mahroo.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company.