A startup making local food sourcing easier through blockchain

By Michael Krumholtz June 19, 2018

The New York-based startup Foodshed is using blockchain technology to try and make the local food sourcing process easier. As demand booms for locally sourced food across the United States, the startup’s app allows clients to order, pay, and track delivery from independent farmers in their area.

“We still have a food system set up for the horse and buggy era, we’re changing that,” said Foodshed CEO Dan Beckmann, CEO. “Foodshed.io, is making local food a reality at scale by bringing products from independent farms easily to restaurants and grocery stores using cutting edge marketing and logistics technology, never seen before in food.”

By trying to cure the heart of the issue with food distribution, the app will look to give a wider clientele to local farmers who have been dwarfed in recent years by corporate agriculture. Foodshed is proposing to connect these independent farmers to a larger network on the open market where people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat and from where that food comes.

The startup that was first launched to the public in January also boasts a transparent model that can be accessed via blockchain technology. With the tech, users can track their product in every step of the process: harvest, pick up, delivery and drop off.

After farmers log on to display their produce on Foodshed, clients in the form of individual buyers, restaurants or markets can browse a platform with the products before placing orders and paying on the app the via blockchain tech.

The product now hosts a database of more than 150 farmers from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Vermont.