Airbnb CEO decides to literally make his business his life (at least until the end of the year)

By Editor June 21, 2010

The CEO of Airbnb, a startup website that connects travelers with bed-and-breakfasts, rooms in private homes, and short-term rental apartments, has embarked on a five-month journey where he’ll live around San Francisco in rentals found on his site.  Talk about immersing yourself in your work. 

Airbnb, a Y-Combinator-funded company, was founded in 2007 by CEO Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia.  Now Chesky is putting his own business to the ultimate test.

It’s an interesting way to promote the company and it’s bound to generate considerable media buzz—more startups should do this sort of thing.  If you want to follow Chesky’s big adventure, you can on Airbnb’s blog: