Aruba’s ATECH Conference returns this month

By Conrad Egusa October 30, 2019

Aruba’s leading tech conference ATECH, founded in 2015 by Varelie Croes, Tristan Every, Rudy Croes and Kris Croes, returns this October 30th.

The conference has become a primary meeting spot in the Caribbean for entrepreneurs and creatives, and is hosted this year at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean resort.

Speakers this year include Maddie Callis, Smart Cities Global at Mastercard; Heather Gallagher, Vice President of Product at Enklu; Davina Mansur, Board Member and Executive at WRE; Raymond Maxwel, Director and Senior Facilitator at EduMax Training Consultancy; and Kent Murphy, Chief Development Officer at Atlantic Growth Solutions, among others.

Since its founding in 2015, the conference has been the go-to spot for entrepreneurs on the island, and it has helped fuel, and been fueled by, a tech ecosystem that receives substantial support from the Aruban government.

Among the many public-private projects in the works are new incubators and accelerators, an entrepreneurship institute, a strategic ventures fund, and the Aruba Reimagined Area (AREA) – an initiative creating smart districts in the two main cities of Oranjestad and San Nicolas.

“By bringing in fresh ideas, and offering a venue to introduce the island’s innovative ideas to the world, ATECH* continues to help Aruba’s promising tech scene grow,” said ATECH’s Tristan Every.