AuthorBee launches platform to organize social timelines by topics

By Editor July 16, 2015


Curates content around interests like a “social DVR” for users, brands and communities

New York – AuthorBee today launched a new social media platform that allows users and brands to cut through social noise to curate and manage content on the topics they are most interested in across social platforms. Starting with Twitter and soon adding other platforms, AuthorBee is now the best way to follow topics of ongoing interest across social media.

“We see rich content increasingly entering the social stream but at the end of the day, timelines make terrible tour guides. You can’t monitor them 24×7 and so much of what they give you is junk,” said Stephen Bradley, founder and CEO of AuthorBee. “Twitter’s recent efforts are weak and limited to Twitter. We’re here to be your Twitter curator and social DVR by aggregating posts from your timeline on the topics you specify into ‘stories’ that can be followed, archived, curated, shared with others and even co-created around interests, brands or campaigns.”

Through a combination of automated and personal curation, AuthorBee aggregates posts into a proprietary story format that allows users to discover and navigate large volumes of related social content easily and in context. Story content is always accessible via both AuthorBee and Twitter, and all engagement is captured automatically across platforms, becoming part of the story as well.

AuthorBee appeals to expert and novice social users alike. Even users intimidated by Twitter’s complexity will find it easy to get posts on just the topics they are interested in – at their own pace and without having to waste time scanning through noise or worry about missing important posts. AuthorBee even helps them understand who to follow for a given topic.

Further, AuthorBee helps users find communities of other social users actively sharing and engaging with stories around their common interests. These topic-focused communities lead users to discover new people and new content all directly related to the common interest shared by the community. Users who choose to curate stories with the most relevant content will quickly gain followers and visibility in the community, both on AuthorBee as well as on the native social platforms, which always remain connected and active.

“At the beginning of January 2015 I had only 60 Twitter followers and wanted to expand my audience, so I began publishing stories in AuthorBee,” said Allan Jackson, a writer and poet who has been using Twitter since 2009. “Less than six months later, I now have more than 1,000 followers and a community of people who appreciate and share my stories and poems regularly.”

For brands, AuthorBee will organize social posts for a campaign into stories on a “social landing page” that can be embedded into the brand’s web site. In this way, the brand can organize its social presence around the campaign, while also adding dynamic story content to its web site with zero cost and virtually zero effort.

“AuthorBee helps our clients bring together their owned Web-based channels and the related social conversation into a single, branded Web page,” said Ephraim Cohen, SVP & Senior Partner for Social & Digital at Fleishman Hillard. “This creates powerful, engaging stories while adding long term life to otherwise short lifecycle social content, and also bringing public testimonial into their owned, branded environment.”

Starting today, anyone can sign up for AuthorBee by visiting For brands, the AuthorBee platform is available for customization and white-label licensing by contacting

About AuthorBee

AuthorBee is about creating a more compelling model for discovering, accessing and engaging with others around social content. We believe that stories are powerful, and storytelling is a powerful vehicle for discovery and engagement. AuthorBee is changing the way we engage and connect around our common interests through shared social storytelling. AuthorBee was founded by Stephen Bradley, CEO of AuthorBee who was involved in the early growth of Pandora, Skillsoft, Gartner and several other successful media ventures. To learn more about AuthorBee and how to become involved, please visit