Can startups benefit from the coming wave of 5G?

By startupbeatadmin November 12, 2018
5g network

Very soon, cell phones will be evolving to the next step of connectivity, as 5G will soon be unveiled. The fifth generation of mobile communications will have even more geographic expansion than the previous gen and will make it so that users can get data from virtually anywhere.

The new age of mobile comms will bring about challenges and benefits for startups looking to capitalize on how consumers are interacting with their app or with the Internet in general.

Generally, startups involved in telecommunications are expected to be able to fill into the smaller areas where giants like Google may not have access to. So startups want to build up infrastructure that can address the new generation of connectivity that massive data centers may not reach.

One such startup is already gearing up for the oncoming wave of 5G is the digital communications company netTALK, which has built a successful business being a T-Mobile USA partner, ramping up to be a 5G-enabler throughout the country. They are at the forefront of advancements in the sector as they intend to expand this business as new technologies come to market.

With its ezLINQ mini-router that gets installed in homes, netTalk is trying to disrupt the normal approach of wired ISPs connecting a home’s internet.

Because of the advent of 5G, wireless operators will be able to target the house as the primary way for internet connectivity.

Businesses like netTALK will need to have proximity on their side as they try to establish their niche within the 5G market.

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