Chronic Jobs helps employment seekers break into the cannabis industry

By Sam Brake Guia August 1, 2017

Chronic Jobs allows individuals to search for jobs within the rapidly growing marijuana industry, helping to fill much needed jobs with employees who are passionate about this field. The types of job advertised vary from management roles to chemistry, and everything inbetween.

Why we like it:

The site allows business owners to advertise their available vacancies, while potential candidates can also create their own profile. What is unique about this company is in the level of depth the site allows both employers and potential employees to advertise themselves.

For the employers, they can create job fairs and invite users based on location, to their events for a face to face meeting, allowing for much more comprehensive interviewing than what a virtual resume would afford. Job seekers can create a video and link it to their resume, so the employer can see who they are considering, and see the extra effort the job seeker took to separate themselves from the crowd.

Additionally, they also have an option to login with Linkedin and have their profile automatically populated in their resume, with the ability to easily edit the information, focusing it towards the cannabis industry.

Founder’s story:

The company was founded by single dad and serial entrepreneur Steve Monas. He created the company for those who are passionate about the medical and recreational use of Marijuana, to help them to find jobs in this industry which, until recently, received a lot of negative stigma for many years. Monas has experience working with within the world of Startups and business and as a previous Hawaii resident, he created his own transportation company in the sunny state and co authored the book Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible.

“It has been proven that people wanted to have a place where they can take their passion and work for a company in a burgeoning industry. If they had to start at the bottom, at least there is an enormous amount of growth within the industry that they can take the experience (which was unavailable previously) and move into another position at another company or take their current experience in management, sales, bookkeeping, business law, chemistry, cooking or other related fields and apply it to this industry – all on one website,” explains Monas.

Market opportunity:

Due to legalization becoming ever more popular across The States, this provides a golden opportunity for a company like Chronic Jobs to fill the ever grown demand for workers within this industry. By 2020 the industry is expected to provide more than a quarter of a million jobs, surpassing traditional US industries such as manufacturing.  And by 2026 the industry is predicted to hit an annual value of $50 Billion. If Chronic Jobs is able to secure itself as the number one job site within this industry, then it has a very promising future ahead.