The lighting pitch: Meet DADA NYC the platform helping artists communicate

By Oliver Griffin October 26, 2016

DADA is the social platform which favours drawings over words. Artists and enthusiasts from around the world can connect with each other and communicate, free from the barrier of language.

The internet is becoming increasingly visual and more people are using pictures and art to express themselves and communicate with others.

DADA is all about creativity and visual conversations. Self-described as a vibrant creative community where artists can share their individual visions, this space is an interesting new take on online socializing.

Users create drawings directly on DADA’s sketchpad and then post them on DADA opening the conversation to users around the world who can answer your drawing with one of their own.   DADA currently has over 150,000 users from all over the world, who have created more than 80,000 drawings. You can browse all of these drawings in the DADA community and get inspired to do your own.

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The artwork can be shared on social media and the artists retain the rights of their piece meaning they can profit from any of their creations. DADA gives artist the opportunity to get their artwork on printed t-shirt which can be purchased on their partner’s site Teepublic. By taking care of marketing users art, the artist can focus on being creative.  

“We believe that artists need to spend their time honing their skills and developing their own distinctive voice, instead of promoting themselves. On DADA they can draw, meet and collaborate with others, and experiment while they get exposure and even profits from the art they create”, says founder and artist Beatriz Helena Ramos.

Teepublic sells DADA artwork in the form of posters, clothes, notebooks and more. Artists will get 20% and DADA will get 10% of the sales

The platform encourages participation from everyone: the more you draw, the more points you receive and the more conversations you can participate in.

It’s not just about showing off your own pieces, it’s about having the chance to interact with each other, make collaborative works and use your art as a tool to communicate. Being an artist is hard to support yourself financially, DADA encourages economic opportunities for artists and helps them live sustainably from art.

By encouraging artistic expression, these visual conversations are not only a creative outlet for artists, they also democratize art, bringing it into a public space. Anyone can enter the conversation and get inspired.