European startup Safetica announces launch of North American company

By Oliver Griffin September 21, 2016

Safetica, a provider of data loss prevention (DLP) software has announced its company launch in North America. 

Built with SMEs in mind, Safetica’s DLP software is  designed to be easy to use. It helps businesses of all sizes comply with regulations, and Safetica provides the support businesses need before and after deployment for free.

Luke Walling, general manager of Safetica North America, said, “Every business and organization large or small has a responsibility and need to protect customer and confidential data from leaving their organization.

“At Safetica, we’re making sure the mid-market and small businesses of the world can access the technology and expert support they need to do just that,”

Safetica protects files based on how they are used. This contextual approach to DLP makes it easy to configure, install, and manage data in ways that don’t reduce productivity but immediately protect sensitive data.

Preventing security breaches is obviously important. More than 85 per cent of employees leave with company data and the average cost of a $7m is the average cost for one data breach.

“Research shows that 60% of small and mid-sized businesses fail within six months of a major internal security breach,” Walling added.

“Safetica can help you unearth patterns of good, bad, and careless behavior with confidential information inside your organization and provide a way to prevent disastrous consequences to your business due to internal data loss or theft.”

Joining Walling was Petr Zikes, Safetica’s CEO. He said the company would have a major impact in North America by helping SMEs to counter the threats of security breaches.

Zikes said, “We believe we can have a major impact in North America and put small to midsize businesses at ease in terms of data loss prevention by providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution with free support.

“Our team is available by email, chat and phone to help set up Safetica, review the data, and protect what’s important—at no extra charge, so all businesses can comply with regulations and protect their businesses with greater ease, regardless of their size.”


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