Databox raises $3.3M to shine a spotlight on metrics that matter

By Editor September 4, 2015


Boston, MA, 3 September 2015 — Data startup Databox has raised $3.3 million in seed funding to help marketers and managers recognize and take action on the metrics that matter most for their business.

The funding round was led by Founder Collective, and joined by Accomplice and other investors.

Databox, an alum of Techstars Boston, helps marketers and managers at web-based businesses focus on their most important key performance indicators. The app integrates with popular online services such as Hubspot, Google Analytics, Intercom and more to pull key metrics from a variety of sources. Marketers can then set up custom alerts and personalized “scorecards” to track their metrics in real-time through an intuitive mobile app.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Davorin Gabrovec and Vlada Petrovic. “We’re not trying to give people more data, or simply more ways to view their data.” Gabrovec said. “We’re helping them pay attention to the data they already have, at the time that it needs their attention.”

Unlike earlier generations of data monitoring and analytics apps, configuring Databox is straightforward and requires no technical expertise or development work.

In addition to continuing to build the product, funding will also go toward growing the Databox team. Swami Kumaresan, previously a senior executive and member of the founding team at Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), recently joined as CEO.

“Businesses are swimming in data, but few businesspeople are able to regularly cut through the clutter and pay attention to the metrics that actually matter,” Kumaresan said. “With Databox, marketers can set up alerts to be proactively notified when an important KPI isn’t tracking to target, or when a campaign performs exceptionally well.”

Lead investor David Frankel of Founder Collective added: “Databox is doing something truly different: bubbling up important, actionable information — without asking businesses to undertake extensive integrations and long implementations.”

Databox has previously raised $400,000 in funding, bringing the total raised to $3.7 million.

About Databox
Databox is a data monitoring app that makes it easy for marketers and managers to pay attention to important metrics, right when they matter most. Users can track their KPIs by hooking up to popular services like Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Google Analytics and more, with just a few clicks. Customizable alerts and proactive notifications delivered via a mobile app ensure marketers and managers can act on important data points quickly. Databox is a TechStars alum with offices in North America and Europe.