Designs Desk announces the launch of new graphic design crowdsourcing platform

By Editor June 26, 2015


Chicago-based Designs Desk ( announces the launch of its new graphic design marketplace platform, which aims to bridge the gap between clients and designers who want to earn more income while working on their own schedule.

Entering into a new market of design crowdsourcing platforms, Designs Desk connects businesses that need designs with graphic designers from all over the world. The platform facilitates all types of graphic design projects, allowing businesses to post their design projects for free and designers to submit custom designs at no cost. Businesses are then able to communicate with the designers directly and award the project to the perfect fit.

Traditionally, finding the perfect graphic design can be a slow, inefficient process. Designs Desk eliminates the hassle of finding the right designer by helping businesses harness the power of design crowdsourcing. By using the Designs Desk platform, businesses are able to choose from dozens of custom design ideas from designers all over the world—and designers are able to work on their own schedule, bidding on the projects which best suit their design talents and schedule.

Designs Desk was created to help businesses find the perfect custom designs by crowdsourcing design ideas from their diverse community of talented designers worldwide. Using Designs Desk creates a tremendous opportunity for designers to meet new clients, showcase their talent with free public portfolio pages, and establish long-term profitable relationships with businesses that routinely need design projects completed—plus, designers keep a much higher percentage of the project awards compared to other design marketplaces in the industry.

“Design is in everything. Everything and everywhere you look has a design,” says Designs Desk founder and CEO Charles Parker. “Whether your business is big or small, our platform can connect you to the right designer, at the right price. Leading companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TechCrunch, etc. all needed logo designs at some point. They all needed website designs. Looking to the future, Designs Desk wants to be the best platform for logo designs, website designs, and any other type of graphic design that the ‘next big thing’ needs to actually become the ‘the next big thing.’”

Unlike its competitors, Designs Desk does not charge businesses for project posting fees. Designers can create a free account without the hassle of confusing payment structures or hidden fees, and it is 100% free for designers to submit their designs to active projects. For added convenience, designers can keep track of newly posted projects with real-time notifications alerting them each time a new project is posted for the specific design categories they specialize in.

Additionally, businesses can add up to four project awards, giving designers more opportunities to win and be paid 85% of the total project awards, after Designs Desk deducts a flat rate of 15% from all project awards paid. With its competitive fee structure that is more than 50% less expensive than some of the competing platforms in the industry, Designs Desk is much more designer-friendly than similar services.