Disctopia Makes a Splash at Podcast Movement

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team April 20, 2022

By: Patrick Hill, CEO, and Founder of Disctopia

Disctopia is a trustworthy indie platform that prioritizes creative freedom for artists. Going beyond simple streaming, the platform is a place for artists to sell music, merchandise, audiobooks, and even podcasts. 

Artists can choose for their content to be downloadable or even stream only – it’s entirely their choice. This service also doesn’t have any hidden fees, so artists can connect with their audiences in an environment without ads or trolls. The platform has over 10k songs to choose from as well as 20,000 audiobooks and 10,000 podcasts.

Patrick Hall, CEO and Founder of Disctopia

Creators can choose for their content to be downloadable or streamed only. Disctopia offers more podcast hosting features than any other platform, allowing content to be distributed via RSS Feed to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Saavn, Stitcher, and Facebook.

Disctopia also provides ways to implement Podcast 2.0 Namespace, where podcasters have the security and safety they need for their creative work. The Podcast index is our solution to keep revenue flowing for podcasts. Podcast 2.0 Namespace is easy to install, where podcast apps and sites receive information directly in the RSS feed.

There will also be immediate technical support available for the “locked” and “funding” tags in the new Podcast 2.0 Namespace. The locked tag allows podcasters to protect their content from being copied by podcast pirates. This feature works two ways, either Disctopia will not allow a locked podcast to be imported onto the site, or content creators can choose for their podcasts to not be published to other podcast hosts, social networks, and funding platforms. 

One of Disctopia’s main goals is to help podcast listeners support their favorite shows by making direct donations. The listeners can click on the link displayed directly in the podcast metadata to show their support with a donation. Disctopia also specializes in integrated merch; meaning that podcasters and music artists can sell their merch through Disctopia, and sell their merch much like Shopify.

Disctopia has found huge business success on AppSumo, a website for goods and services that are digitally distributed. In the latest AppSumo promotion, Disctopia saw an astronomical increase in the userbase by 750%.

Credit: Disctopia

Artists earn two cents for every true play on Disctopia. No need to calculate how many streams or album plays – artists are paid when the song is played, period. No commissions ever with Disctopia.

Disctopia will split your commission-free royalties up to 100 ways to your manager, engineer, producer, and even your mother if you feel so inclined! And unlike other platforms that have you waiting months for payday, Disctopia pays weekly.

We are excited to announce that Series A with Disctopia will start on August 23rd. Look out for the announcement at Podcast Movement Dallas! Start-ups that have a great track record like Disctopia are eligible for Series A funding to continue developing a business model that will bring long-term profit. Investors for Series A funding come from traditional venture capital firms and look for companies with great ideas as well as a strong business strategy. 

Disctopia estimates they will have 100k users by the end of the year and aim to have one million users by 2023.