The Dutch start-up company, GoCustomized, reached 100,000 customers

By Editor May 18, 2016
The milestone is reached just a year after the launch of their websites in many renowned European countries and they expect to double their consumer base by the end of 2016.
GoCustomized specialises in creating custom and personalised mobile accessories, which of course include a large variety of unique phone cases and sleeves.

In May 2012, GoCustomized launched its very first website in the Netherlands. The business’s first product was a personalised rear glass case for the back of the iPhone 4. A successful launch allowed the company to grow rapidly in a short period of time and eventually resulted in an expansion into the Belgian market. In May 2015, GoCustomized broadened their reach by entering many prominent European markets, such as France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

GoCustomized started off as one of the first online stores that allowed users to customise a large selection of phone cases with their own personal photo, design or logo, and add an optional text onto their image. Their online store keeps up to date with the most popular and demanded case types and often explores more exotic, yet practical phone cases such as wooden or leather cases that can have a design engraved into it. This trend will continue with the launch of a brand new cork case later this month. GoCustomized tries to stay ahead of the curve by offering trendy, fashionable and most importantly durable consumer products at an affordable price, so customers will get some of the best value on the market!

Product quality is proven by the previous 100,000 customers who have trusted the company since launch.

Within a few years, GoCustomized hopes to take the reigns from larger competitors such as PhotoBox and VistaPrint, who are known as the leaders in the customisable goods market.

« To build on the success that brought us 100,000 customers in just a year after launching our new websites, we plan on doubling that number by the end of this year by opening new markets in other European countries such as Italy, Austria and Switzerland, to name a few, before beginning our campaign in the United States. »

said Michiel Van de Plassche, CEO and founder of GoCustomized.  
Success built on expanding markets and growing trends.
The growth of the smartphone market and the lack of originality of smartphone manufacturers allowed GoCustomized to take advantage. Furthermore, a new and more assertive fashion trend increased the need to show off more personality in outfits. As a result, the business offered a wide range of original products so that all consumers could find a phone case for their phone and enjoy the style and quality that came along with it.

« It’s really exciting to see that GoCustomized can not only offer a wide selection of cases and covers for all phone models, but also at an affordable price and using an easy design process, »

said Stephanie Bauche, Head of Marketing at GoCustomized France.

« Our mission has always been and will always be to provide a wide range of quality products at a reasonable price. Our customers are completely in charge of designing their phone case, so we focus our efforts on product quality and service to ensure that our products will look great and remain intact for a long time. »

Always ahead of the trends
Launched in 2012, GoCustomized was the first online store to offer a customisable glass case for the iPhone 4. To follow this trend, the business began offering wooden cases, leather covers and now cork cases.

« We are always looking for the most innovative and exceptional materials and we try to offer them at the best price possible while also ensuring that they are durable. We then communicate with our suppliers and apply these materials on as many phones as possible to ensure that all our customers have a chance to reap the benefits, »

says Toby van der Ven, GoCustomized Product Manager.
Following up on the wooden and leather case, the new cork case can also be printed with your design.
The new case type is made of real cork and a unique design will be printed right on the back. Not only does the cork case provide great protection for your phone, but it also makes for a unique and unprecedented product. Additionally, cork has a soft, pleasant-to-touch and resistant exterior that will not weigh a smartphone down. Cork is always used to warm up homes or to keep bottles of wine fresh, but the material’s secret talent is being able to absorb impact damage to ensure that your smartphone is properly cushioned. Each cork case’s colour may vary from one model to another simply because of the material’s behaviour, so each phone case will be truly unique. GoCustomized will use high quality and scratch resistance ink to ensure that designs do not wear out from constant use and to ensure that the custom cork case remains unblemished as long as possible. GoCustomized will apply the same philosophy to the production of these cork cases as other cases; produced within 24 hours on weekdays, shipped for free.

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