Embark turns the dream of remote working into a fully comprehensive reality

By Omar Elorfaly July 24, 2017
remote working

Founded by three world travelers who know how to balance work and life while on the road, Embark takes the dream of remote working and turns it into a fully comprehensive reality.

Justin Dobson, Dave Hansford, and Fraser Sinclair launched Embark to take the stress out of remote-working.

I think it goes without saying that most people would prefer to work while soaking their feet in warm sand on a beach somewhere with a tropical drink at their sides, over a cubicle that smells like their co workers feet.

With the boom in international work spaces, stories of people making remote-work function, are more and more common, as companies and employees are finding cleverer ways to never have to go to their offices again.

Finding a job that allows its employees to travel around and work from wherever they want is actually one of the easier parts of starting your remote work career.  When one really looks into what it takes to work from remote spots around the world such as time differences, work-life balance, a proper work space, and the availability of vendors in the area whenever needed – are just some of the everyday challenges that remote-working employees face once they have landed their gig.

According to an article in The Next Web by Conrad Egusa, CEO of Publicize, one must consider that productivity level drops due to jet lags and other factors. You also have to consider how you will establish a stable and reliable form of contact with the employer and clients.

“Where am I going to stay? Who am I going to meet? Where will I work? And How will I even get there?” – are all questions that aren’t left to chance when a person applies to Embark.

The startup believes that sharing experiences is the only way to realize them, and by believing in that, they managed to create collaborative work spaces, full of travel enthusiasts around the world.

“We provide the community, accommodation, work space, and transportation, so you can focus on what matters most to you,” is how the Founders outline their service on their page.

The travelling-crazed founders also share their travelling experiences around the world, as well as tips on how to find & do jobs remotely on their page’s blog.

The startup focuses on working spaces in Europe and South America, and to ease the process, they’ve set up an application where an applicant can enter all the information and have it processed to see where they fit best.

Through the Embark program, members get involved in events, workshops, and immersive cultural experiences. Members also have the opportunity to take part in excursions, as well as to give back through volunteering.

“At Embark, we aim to create a network of interesting and collaborative people, and connect them with local cultures and business ecosystems,” said Co-Founder Hansford, adding,”we want to help entrepreneurs and creatives develop professionally, make an impact, but most of all, have the experience of a lifetime.”