Espacio announces acquisition of AppleMania for all things Apple news

By Editor March 22, 2018

Espacio Incubator announces its acquisition of AppleMania, a website designed to delve into the latest news revolving around Apple and its products. This initiative began to materialize in the middle part of 2017 with a focus on covering issues and the biggest stories surrounding the tech company that has a large number of users around the world.

AppleMania is made up of a passionate team that is looking to take the latest information from Apple through breaking news, reports, and features covering the Cupertino company. The site also represents the work of the team at Espacio with Alejandra Eusse acting as leader of the publication, alongside web editors Andrés Taborda and Jeniffer Espinosa.

“This publication represents an enormous challenge for us because we want to present all facets of the Apple world,” Eusse said. “AppleMania is the ideal platform to find and inform about what is going on at Apple and its partners. There you will be able to get caught up with the latest tech launches and all other updates from Apple.”

The content published on AppleMania is specifically based in narratives designed for Apple’s biggest fans and followers. AppleMania doesn’t just give out information on Apple, but it also believes in the growth of startups that are related to the company or the industry. That’s why Espacio promotes the difusion of Apple information in Latin America.

AppleMania is an example of the diverse projects directed by Espacio, which aims to boost entrepenuership, business creation, and growth of all new startups in Latin America and the world.