Event Planning Gurus End the Never-ending Quest for Best Prices

By Omar Elorfaly July 19, 2017

The cumbersome task of putting an event together, no matter the size or register, would normally include the painstaking process of getting pricing quotes from every vendor, along with the inevitable stream of unverified information one has to deal with.

Eventerprise, an international events company founded by Charlie Wright (also founder of the award-winning Harlequin Marquees and event services) and Götz Thümecke in 2015 – has just announced their new service, EventerQuote.

EventerQuote essentially acts as a one-stop shop for all needed price quotes from vendors for your event.

Alongside EventerQuote, the company also included EventerReviews, a Tripadvisor-like review system for vendors. The function is powered by TrustyTribe, a tailor-made review system designed to allow suppliers to display comments from their previous satisfied customers.

The Eventerprise system is fitted with algorithms that ensure the most trustworthy results for any inquiry, such as the newly updated EventerSearch that now displays more relevant search results.

“These new additions and upgrades has given us a truly world class product and reflect our ongoing obsession to be the digital superhighway to the entire global events industry,” said Thümecke.

In the case you have an event to plan, Eventerprise will prompt you to describe the type of event amongst other details, like the date, budget, number of people invited and of course the location, all while maintaining light-hearted humor through witty titles on every form.

Eventerprise later responds through your chosen form of communication, be it email or social media.

The company boasts its transparency in all operations, and for that reason, they have integrated Drift live chat into their website, allowing their clients to get answers from Eventerprise database on the spot.

Your best friend’s birthday is next week? Just fill in a quick form on what you need, get a list of trusted suppliers and end up seeming like the best friend who spent sleepless nights planning, because you just “care too much.”