Eventerprise: Simplifying Connections Between Event Hosts and Suppliers

By Omar Elorfaly July 31, 2017

Increasingly, service industries’ antiquated marketing channels have been replaced by democratic, transparent review and rating systems that have transformed the way customers choose their service providers.

Until recently, the event market space was lagging behind, as there was no platform such as Tripadvisor  that had trustable ratings, reviews and pricing for event service providers. You could quickly google and find scattered websites and profiles of suppliers for an engagement dinner or a honeymoon trip, but previously it was difficult to vet the person or team you were about to entrust the most important moments of your life.

Eventerprise, a digital event platform connecting suppliers of event services, has finally filled this gap in the market, it now matches the right suppliers with clients to ensure flawless events. 

It’s recently released iteration of its platform is now the most comprehensive in its history and includes reviews, quotes and customer service capabilities to further facilitate connections between those organizing events, and event suppliers.

The multi-sided SaaS platform connects event businesses with clients through free profiles. The interactive profiles showcase each event planner’s or supplier’s unique offerings, key strengths and transparently displays reviews or ratings they have received from clients.

New features help users to review, request quotes and engage with customer service with greater efficiency and simplicity. The EventerReviews functionality is powered by TrustyTribe, a tailor made custom review system developed specifically for the Eventerprise platform by the Eventerprise team. It gives suppliers the opportunity to display feedback from their clients on their profiles, making Eventerprise the first third-party platform to promote reviews for the event industry as a whole.

The platform’s revamped user interface along with an updated search algorithm that allows faster and more accurate searches make it easier to find the best supplier for an event or getting your event business noticed by potential customers.

The Drift live chat application has also been integrated to improve service and convert more leads. Drift’s artificial intelligence component has allowed Eventerprise to successfully integrate their knowledge base into live chat so that users can now access relevant support 24/7.

The Eventerprise quote procurement process is now extremely fast thanks to EventerQuote/RFP – a system that automates the request for proposals or quotes. It is now possible to send one request form that gets distributed to multiple suppliers within minutes, substantially cutting down on time and effort that was previously spent on unverified internet searches.

Eventerprise CEO Götz Thümecke  had this to say about his platform, “These new additions and upgrades has given us a truly world class product and reflect our ongoing obsession to be the digital superhighway to the entire global events industry”. Thümecke added, “By constantly improving the connections between hosts and suppliers we are making sure suppliers can grow their businesses effortlessly whilst hosts can create better all round event experiences without all the insecurity and time wastage”.