EverlyWell Releases ‘Sleep & Stress’ Home Testing Kit, Helping Consumers Determine Why They Can’t Sleep

By Tim Hinchliffe August 4, 2016

EverlyWell announces the release of its Sleep & Stress Home Testing Kit. The new kit tests levels of cortisol and melatonin throughout the day, enabling people to identify if their sleepless nights could be related to a hormone imbalance.

EverlyWell provides innovative easy-to-understand health test kits, which consumers order online. Once the kits are delivered, consumers collect their own samples and mail them to one of EverlyWell’s fully-certified partner labs. The results are reviewed and approved by a board-certified physician, and are typically delivered online to consumers in five days or less.

Cortisol and melatonin hormone testing helps users identify if their circadian rhythm or sleep cycles are off-balance. The test maps cortisol levels throughout the day, which can indicate how the body is responding to stress. With the results, EverlyWell provides generally accepted recommendations for supplements, lifestyle, and dietary changes that can help improve the hormone balance and cycles.

While cortisol is connected to stress, melatonin fosters our ability to fall and stay asleep. To help regulate this cycle, Everlywell recommendations focus on reducing stress and getting the highest quality sleep through various stress reduction and sleep promotion techniques.

“Sleep and stress are so interrelated. That’s why we’re testing these two hormones together in the kit, which we think will be revolutionary for so many people,” says EverlyWell CEO and co-founder Julia Cheek. “The test results will provide more information about what could be causing their sleeping issues, which millions of people have struggled with for years.”

Insomnia is a huge problem for Americans. Approximately 60 million people in the U.S. have difficulty sleeping, and many don’t know why. Because lack of sleep greatly affects physical and mental health, Everlywell’s Sleep & Stress Home Testing Kit aims to help individuals get to the bottom of their sleep deprivation woes.

“EverlyWell wants to provide accessible health testing and easy-to-read results for basic health issues. The release of our new test is another innovative way to help consumers personalize their medicine and take health into their own hands,” continued Cheek.