Featured Company Pitch: Betterfly—connecting ‘Betterists’ to new clients

By Editor May 25, 2011

Betterfly logo 

By Joshua Schwadron, founder and CEO

Product Overview

Betterfly helps people find tutors, coaches, stylist, trainers or other "Betterists" who can help them be better at something. At the same time, Betterfly helps those Betterists get new clients and brand and market themselves.

Tutors, coaches, stylist, trainers and other "Betterists" list themselves on Betterfly and create their own Sites to market the services they offer related to personal betterment. Then, people looking to be better can search and book the tens of thousands of service providers listed on Betterfly’s 300+ Category Pages by price, location, verified reviews, availability and more. By catering to individuals instead of companies Betterfly enables users to compare apples to apples, people to people.

Founders’ Story

When I founded Betterfly I invested the money I won on Fear Factor years earlier. When I was in college, I was selected to be on a two part Las Vegas Fear Factor special. After 8 stunts over two hour-long episodes, I won the competition and close to $150,000. After working in real estate consulting, I decided to use his Fear Factor winnings to help solve a frustration that I had experienced, which is making it easy to find personal service providers. Now, instead of finding the best hair salon, Betterfly can help you figure out who the best person inside the salon is who will actually be cutting your hair.

I always found it really hard to find personal service providers. Most of the websites out there focus on larger business, but none focuses on the people who power those businesses or the freelancers who work for themselves. Betterfly was founded originally to make it easier for someone like me to find personal service providers.

Revenue Model

Betterfly provides optional payment services for its Betterists to use. For example, one of the biggest frustrations our service providers experience have to do with cancellation fees. Betterfly provides a great platform to make this easy – and if a Betterist chooses to use it we charge a small fee.

Current Needs

Betterfly’s always looking for top people to add to its team. People can email jobs@betterfly.com to apply.


Betterfly makes it unbelievably easy and efficient to find the right tutors, coaches, stylists, trainers or other “Betterists”. At the same time Betterfly helps those Betterists get new clients by empowering them to build their online presence so they can brand and market themselves.

Betterfly – www.betterfly.com