Featured Company Pitch: CyberSynchs

By Editor June 30, 2010

CyberSynchs logo

Company: CyberSynchs

Website: www.cybersynchs.com

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: 2008

Founder: Amos Winbush III

Investors: Self-Funded

Employees: 15

Company Description:

"CyberSynchs offers applications that enable data synchronization, sharing and transfer through the hybrid cloud"

By Amos Winbush III, CEO

Amos Winbush, CyberSynchsLeaving my native Louisiana for New York at the age of 19 to pursue my dream of a music career, only in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned that five years later I would trade in my headphones for an entrepreneur’s hat as the founder and CEO of CyberSynchs.  In two short years the company has grown into a $20 million technology company with an ever-expanding impact on the mobile, wireless and home entertainment industries.

CyberSynchs is a Universal Data Synchronization (UDS) company that offers $2.99 per month subscription-based wireless applications that enable consumers to automatically synchronize, backup, share, transfer and retrieve mobile device content as well as other consumer electronic device data.  CyberSynchs Mobile, our flagship product, performs these actions at individual pre-determined intervals.  Users sign up for the service at www.cybersynchs.com, after which a text message is sent to his or her mobile device, providing a link that installs the CyberSynchs application.  Data synchronization is immediate; CyberSynchs doesn’t require any hardware, cables, SIM or storage cards.

That’s the 30-second elevator pitch. There is the proverbial “so much more.”

The CyberSynchs system is embedded into devices from a wide array of manufacturers, enabling virtually unlimited connectivity, data synchronization, sharing and transfer through the hybrid cloud between mobile devices and personal computers.  We maintain a partnership with Oracle/Sun Microsystems Inc., by which our company develops on Sun’s JAVAFX platform, distributing our company’s mobile, television and PC applications on more than 1 billion JAVAFX-supported devices.

CyberSynchs Mobile automatically synchronize, stream and transfers 98 percent of all smartphone and mobile device data, including phone numbers, address books, calendars, voice and text messages, emails, music, ring tones, GPS locations, photos, videos…virtually any digital file.  All subscriber information is housed on CyberSynch’s secure servers for full, immediate content management or data recovery onto a new device in the event of a damaged or lost smartphone or other digital device.

Data on CyberSynchs servers are accessible only with the user’s unique device ID code and personal password.  Subscribers can access their data on a user-friendly website in real time from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, mobile device, PC…really any device with an Internet connection for complete 24/7 control over their personal data.

Like many technological innovations through the years, CyberSynchs, and my transformation from budding musical artist to entrepreneur, were quite accidental.  The process was also borne of frustration, and ultimately by necessity.

Routinely putting in 14-hour days in the recording studio, I had become highly dependent on my smartphone.  When its screen went completely and irrevocably black after only six months of use, I contacted both the manufacturer and service provider expecting, or at least hoping, for a quick resolution.  Alarmingly for me at the time, neither could do anything to recover my lost data, which included thousands of key personal contacts, emails, text messages, photos, and music files.  A musician without music files? In essence, I founded CyberSynchs out of sheer frustration.

It was June 2008. I personally invested $100,000 to get the operation up and running from my studio apartment.  While I possessed no prior entrepreneurial experience, I quickly learned a key tenet to launching and running a successful business: finding and hiring the best people to manage various functions and operations.  To that end, I had a chief technology officer in place by August to begin developing and implementing what is now our system.

By November, in the throes of the country’s economic collapse, we had hired a core number of talented, though suddenly out-of-work technicians, quickly forming our in-house application development team.  Soon thereafter, an outside investor acquired 5 percent of CyberSynchs with a $500,000 investment.

My networking efforts netted our company’s partnership with Sun, a technological and business coup as this gave us the ability to develop applications on JAVAFX and access the Sun Cloud.  Because Sun distributes CyberSynchs within JAVAFX, the agreement swiftly and exponentially expanded our technology’s market penetration.

Our company’s expanded reach from a strictly mobile-centric to a universal data synchronization company earlier this year represented the latest rung in our step-by-step growth plan, which also includes the licensing of our product to major corporations for integration into their devices.  CyberSynchs is also in discussions with several automobile manufacturers to embed our technology into on-board computer systems, as well as with two retail chains toward broadening our offerings’ distribution.

We are fielding four separate venture capital offers to meet our goal of raising an additional $5 million by the end of August.  That said, we will continue to run a lean operation.  There are 15 of us; at the most I envision a staff of 25 to 30.  To achieve further growth, we will continue to follow the licensing model that has enabled us to achieve our success to date.  Entrepreneur Magazine listed CyberSynchs as one of its “100 Brilliant Companies” for 2010.  Being named Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year for 2010 personally humbled me.

CyberSynchs will maintain an innovation-centric corporate entrepreneurial culture designed to promote and continually develop the best-of-breed technology solutions to meet market needs.  That’s how this whole thing started.  The recovery of data on my crashed smartphone, after all, represented both a personal and market need.

CyberSynchs – www.cybersynchs.com