Featured Pitch: TekTrak…never lose your smartphone again

By Editor December 15, 2010

TekTrak logo 

Company: TekTrak

Website: www.TekTrak.com

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Year Founded: 2010

Founders: Arik Waldman, CEO and Luka Sklizovic, COO

Investors: Angel Funded

Employees: 5    

Company Description: TekTrak provides smartphone security by allowing users to track their phone, and secure any sensitive data stored on the device.

Luka Sklizovic, TekTrakBy Luka Sklizovic, Co-founder and COO

Product Overview

We have all experienced losing an electronic device, whether it was a digital camera, mobile phone, MP3 player, etc. Well, after losing one too many phones, we decided to find a solution to this problem that would not only help us know the location of our devices at all times, but also make sure that the content within those devices was safe.

Smartphones, like all other mobile phones, are used so frequently these days that they are more susceptible to loss than any other electronic device. Did you know that 20-30% of phones are lost every year?! Throw cloud computing into the mix, and you might be losing more than just your device; your privacy, contacts, emails, bank account access, pictures, business documents, etc.

TekTrak developed a unique application that allows smartphone owners to see the precise location of their phone at all times, and also secure any sensitive or private information stored on the device. We use the Assisted GPS hardware within smartphones to display the location of the device on a map. Our location history function gives users access to monitor the previous locations of their smartphone, and can be used for diverse applications. The remote ringer function gives users the ability to easily locate their device once they have narrowed down the location of the phone and are in close proximity.

TekTrak’s application combines unique functionality to create a smartphone security application that is a must have for anyone with a smartphone. Lost phones can now be easily located, and smartphone owners never have to worry about the security of their sensitive data stored on the device, while preserving battery power.

Founder’s Story

A lot of ideas stem from frustration and pain from specific events, and the idea of TekTrak was no exception. After losing a few phones and digital cameras, the founders decided to find a way to locate a lost device. Smartphones were a logical platform to start with due to their GPS capabilities, and with the explosive growth within the smartphone industry, it became apparent to provide security solutions for smartphone owners.

Revenue Model

TekTrak’s revenue model is quite simple. At $4.99 per year, we provide exceptional security for smartphone owners, and we will soon implement our child safety and enterprise solutions (fees are determined on a per job basis). In addition, users will have the ability to download a free application, which will give them two uses. Users can get more uses by either upgrading to the paid app, or by referring their friends. For every friend that downloads the app, a user will get one more free use.

Future Developments

Currently available for the iOS operating system, TekTrak will offer its mobile security application for the Android OS in the next couple of months, and other platforms in the near future.  Our Android application will give the users the ability to remotely lock the phone and wipe the data, in addition to the features currently available for the iPhone.

TekTrak will also offer a geo-fencing feature that can be used by parents to keep track of their children, and by corporations to keep track of their employees. Geo-fencing was developed in response to numerous customers using our application for child safety, and this additional feature will give our users added functionality and peace of mind when dealing with children. Managing mobile employees and fleets will also be simplified and enhanced by geo-fencing, giving corporations that ability to receive employee check-ins and have overall better visibility over their operations.


Whether you are looking to add additional security for your smartphone and the personal data stored within the device, or you are a parent or corporations looking to add additional levels of transparency, TekTrak provides a simple to use tool.

TekTrak – www.tektrak.com