Featured Startup Pitch: Adiant is connecting big publishers with top-quality online ad inventory for high ROI and brand integrity

By Editor August 22, 2012



Company: Adiant

Website: www.adiant.com

Founder: Ash Nashed, MD, CEO

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: 2008

Twitter: @adiantmedia

Brief Company Description: Innovative digital media technology company that builds unique solutions for top-quality publishers and advertisers.


Ash_Nashed-AdiantBy Ash Nashed, MD, founder and CEO

Product Overview

Adiant provides groundbreaking advertising solutions that are engineered to deliver value to our customers, who are top-quality publishers and advertisers. Here’s a brief overview of the four brands we offer:

Adblade: Adblade is our top-ranking ad network that provides sustained revenue to major publishers in a brand-safe environment. Capable of making up to four million decisions per hour, Adblade displays ads to more than 200 million people per month worldwide. It is also one of the safest U.S. media platforms with an AdSafe Media score of 188 (compared to an average score of 100).

OptiServe: OptiServe is an ad server that powers the Adblade network and delivers billions of impressions on more than a thousand of the largest web properties. It generates ROI for advertisers seeking maximum returns through premium inventory placement. OptiServe is highly scalable and features multiple layers of redundancy, enabling advertisers to place high-performance NewsBullets ads and fill unsold inventory with local and national content from Adblade. OptiServe can also be configured to support publisher self-serve ad sales strategies.

CrowdCloud: We created the CrowdCloud app and web widget to provide users with curated social media tips and information about local events in real time. CrowdCloud also provides a way for users to connect with friends on the go using a mapping technology that allows users to temporarily share locations to organize meet-ups. CrowdCloud is a free download for iPhone or Android smartphones, and publishers can use the web widget to monetize local market social media and news items by offering readers relevant, up-to-date content with ad placement opportunities.

ManiRewards: ManiRewards ‘gamifies’ the Internet by giving users an opportunity to earn points for real prizes when they spot Mani badges during routine web activities. Users can earn points that they can then redeem for gift cards, free products, discounts, magazine subscriptions and more, and registration is free. ManiRewards allows users to get rewards while engaged in everyday activities such as reading articles and viewing videos online or via mobile devices.

Founder’s Story

I’m a doctor by training—a board-certified emergency medicine physician and member of the Board of Directors of Emergency Medical Associates. I got my start in the tech sector by launching one of the first medical websites and founding TheHealthCentralNetwork, which became the second-largest health information network on the web. I later founded DealOn/Offerex, a daily deal exchange. I got the idea for Adiant when I noticed the challenges publishers and advertisers faced getting their ads in front of the right people at the right time in a marketplace that is at once local and global. My early experience in the online health information sector taught me the importance of protecting brands and generating the highest ROI via premium inventory placement. It also gave me a familiarity with technology solutions, which enabled me to see a better way for publishers and advertisers to work together.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

At Adiant, we focus on the premium inventory space, which generates the highest ROI while protecting brands. We empower publishers to easily sell and schedule ad campaigns into their own site and across the entire Adblade premium network, reaching over 200 million users. Our strategy allows publishers to act as agencies for their advertising clients by providing a one-stop shop for the creation and distribution of highly efficient campaigns across hundreds of premium publishers.

How Adiant Differentiates Itself From the Competition

One of Adiant’s unique advantages is that we operate only within the brand-safe, premium inventory space. Our OptiServe technology powers a ‘Virtuous Circle’ that enables advertiser bids and distribution levels to remain high. This makes Adiant a top choice for the world’s best advertisers and publishers because premium placement generates higher ROI while protecting brand equity.

Business Model

Our unique NewsBullets ad format generates click rates that are three to four times higher than standard ad formats. Also, our proprietary algorithm optimizes click-through rates and advertiser conversions and allows advertisers to target prospects with relevant, interest-based offers. This enables publishers and advertisers to significantly improve yields on ad inventory and generate sustainable revenue streams.

Current Needs

Adiant is growing fast, and we’re hiring programmers, sales professionals and business development executives. We completed a highly successful private funding round and are not currently engaged in raising capital. But we may open a new round if we need to generate funding for new activities.

Adiant – www.adiant.com