Featured Startup Pitch: BetBomb is jumping into the online gaming space with a free and completely legal way to bet on sporting events

By Editor April 25, 2012

BetBomb_logoCompany: Five1Eight Internet Media

Website: www.betbomb.com

Headquarters: Albany, New York

Founded: January, 2012

Founders:  Patrick Gray and Eric Heidelmark

Investors: Privately funded

Employees: 8

Company Description: BetBomb.com is a free online betting site.


By Patrick Gray, co-founder

Product Overview

BetBomb.com is all of the excitement of betting on your favorite sports teams with none of the gamble. Players can make picks against real spreads, lines, and totals for both major league and college sports. This includes: Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, as well as NCAA football and basketball. We have plans to include other sports in the near future. The service is absolutely free and players compete for terrific prizes. BetBomb.com strives to be the greatest, most professional, totally free, and most importantly, completely legal, betting site on the Internet.

How We Differentiate Ourselves From the Competition

Five1Eight Internet Media, LLC (F1E) founded BetBomb.com out of necessity with the goal of constantly improving the service to meet and exceed the demands of today’s highly sophisticated users. We were frustrated with the existing betting sites that are poorly designed and impossible to navigate. BetBomb.com goes beyond the basics and offers groundbreaking features on a platform that will make users feel completely comfortable placing bets. It is a completely free site that allows you to place daily bets and keep statistics on how you are doing overall. BetBomb.com gives its users the ability to join tournaments to win real prizes at no cost.

Revenue Model

Revenue will be generated primarily from our users purchasing site upgrade packages. However, we will also generate revenue from online advertising partnerships.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Our marketing strategy consists of a three a pronged approach. We are going to use email marketing, online advertising, and social media marketing to reach our targeted user. We are also trusting that once tournaments are live, word of mouth marketing will attract many new users to the site.

Founders’ Story

We began our friendship at Siena College just miles from New York’s capital in Loudonville, New York. We both graduated college with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science. I am a co-founder and currently oversee the day-to-day operations of the company as CEO. My abilities to manage, inspire and lead a team were recognized and further refined while CEO at MoveThatBlock.com. Eric is my business partner, and serves as the director of technology and software development. He has worked professionally as an application developer for over seven years. His many happy clients include world-class brands in sports and media.

Business Model

The mission of BetBomb.com is to provide the educated sport lovers with a free online community where they can socialize, win prizes and share their passion for sports and competition by utilizing their skill in picking winners in a tournament-style setting.

Current Needs

Right now we are looking for new users to join the site. The site launched two week ago and we have already had over 1,000 new users sign up. We find this relatively high number of initial signups very encouraging. We are eager for more visitor traffic and welcome as much feedback as we can get from our user community so that we can create the best sports betting platform for them.

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