Featured Startup Pitch: Cloudswave – Saving startups money on top-rated software

By Editor September 18, 2015

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COMPANY: Cloudswave


Cloudswave provides a platform where startup owners and managers can review, compare and get exclusive deals on a wide selection of business software.


At Cloudswave, we provide a platform for startups on which they can choose the right software for their needs by browsing critic and user reviews, side-by-side comparison of software features, prices, and other criteria, and save money on select products. We introduce a new software evaluation system, the Cloudswave Score, which we like to call the ‘Metacritic’ of business software evaluation; this is a unique scoring system that uses a weighted average algorithm. Additionally, we offer great discounts on carefully selected business software


We provide software deals and coupons (our competitors don’t). We gather detailed critic reviews (unlike competitors who rely solely on user reviews).


While Cloudswave continues to offer incredible discounts and serious deals, the site’s new mission is to help users find the right software for their business needs. The listing of the business software within categories and sub-categories throughout our site is based around the Cloudswave Score, a unique rating system. It is an aggregated weighted average based on expert reviews and a number of other factors including popularity and the number of expert reviews. In addition to the Cloudswave Score, users also benefit from a detailed comparison tool, user reviews, blog posts, white papers, and buying guides that assist them in choosing the best option for their business needs.

Using our complete software directory that is updated daily, any business owner can quickly compare different software solutions and determine which one provides the ideal match.


Cloudswave was founded in 2012 by Reda and Babi Sedrati, two cousins with a vision for change. It was first launched as a website dedicated primarily to software deals where users could enjoy discounts of up to 80 percent on a wide selection of software.


HEADQUARTERS: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

WEBSITE: cloudswave.com

FOUNDERS: Reda Sedrati, Babi Sedrati


TWITTER: @cloudswave1

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Cloudswave