Featured Startup Pitch: DoubleDutch—bringing geolocation mobile productivity apps to the enterprise

By Editor September 21, 2011

DoubleDutchCompany: DoubleDutch

Website:  www.doubledutch.me

Founder: Lawrence Coburn

Headquarters: San Francisco

Year Founded: 2010

Investors: Charles River Ventures, Launch Capital, Accelerator Ventures

Twitter: @DoubleDutch

Brief Company Description: DoubleDutch is the creator of HYVE—a suite of social, location-aware mobile apps that help organizations become more transparent, data-driven and productive.

Lawrence_Coburn-DoubleDutchBy Lawrence Coburn, founder and CEO

Product Overview

DoubleDutch is the category leader for geo-social productivity apps for the enterprise. DoubleDutch HYVE is a suite of social, location-aware mobile apps designed to help organizations become more transparent, data-driven, and productive. By enabling every team-member, customer and stakeholder to communicate through structured status updates, enterprises can maximize performance and measure productivity like never before.

Customers like Cisco, TED, HP, Adobe, Arizona State University, Amdocs, Vogue, and Vivo Pools are using DoubleDutch’s platform-as-a-service to power their events, teams, and projects.

Simply put, HYVE mobile apps are designed to help groups of people keep track of what they are working on and share it with the people that care. As a company, DoubleDutch uses HYVE Knowledge, which enables every team-member to collaborate, highlight achievements, and communicate through structured status updates.

Our products have been in development for about 20 months and DoubleDutch spun off of its parent company officially in January 2011. For the whole story behind HYVE and how it came to be a reality, read this:http://www.doubledutch.me/thestoryofdoubledutchhyvemovingbeyondthecheckin/ 

Founder’s Story

I am the founder and CEO ofDoubleDutch, and the geolocation editor for The Next Web. I am also a mentor at IO Ventures, a San Francisco-based incubator. A three-time entrepreneur, I also founded RateItAll, a top ten consumer review property.

Prior to my Internet career, I worked for Nortel Networks in a variety of roles throughout Latin America.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Since we sell our products to enterprises, our marketing is focused on delivering value to our buyers (high-level managers) and end users (the employee workforce). In generating leads, it’s important for us to communicate that implementing HYVE app(s) in the workplace can lead to company-wide benefits, superior analytics, and a positive impact on the company bottom line. It’s also important to show employees that the apps result in more cohesive teams, increased transparency, improved efficiency, and a more fun, interactive work environment.

In regards to app promotion, we work directly with our clients to help improve download and usage rates within their target user group. Our customers are consistently happy with the apps, with engagement levels, and their referrals have helped us generate new business.

How We Differentiate from the Competition

Our main differentiator at this time is that we are mobile only, and have a consumer-centric, simple design philosophy. Our mobile, social and simple apps can integrate into existing systems (like Salesforce, etc.), or they can be used on their own.

Our HYVE Events app has a few competitors in the event app space, but we are the only ones to use structured status updates in a social, simple and productive mobile event app. We have the ability to add photos, connect with other users, log activity, check-in to a place to see who is nearby, gather points, and receive offers and badges.

Our other products are trailblazers mostly in their spaces—HYVE Sales is the only mobile-only app that allows sales reps to log their account activity on-the-go. HYVE CSR highlights volunteer work within an organization. We are the only company doing multi-object nested check-ins in the enterprise space.

Business Model

We launched HYVE, our suite of mobile apps for enterprises, in June 2011. Our customers pay per app (HYVE Sales, HYVE Events, etc.) and there is an additional cost per platform (iOS, Android, HTML5, etc.) and there is a per-seat, per-month cost for ongoing apps.

Current Needs

We are hiring and are also looking to raise another round this fall.


In January of 2011, the company raised seed funding from top investors includingCharlesRiverVentures,LaunchCapital,AcceleratorVentures, and more.


In April of 2010, DoubleDutch was namedBestMobileStartup at The Next Web/PayPal X Startup Rally, and soon after, was named “The Next Hot Geolocation Platform&rdquo
; by Ogilvy & Mather.


HYVE runs natively on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WP7, and WEB OS. We also run HTML5 versions as well.

DoubleDutch – www.doubledutch.me