Featured Startup Pitch: Earlycard – Send personalized greeting cards on time, every time

By Editor December 1, 2015

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COMPANY: Earlycard


Scheduled greeting card delivery app.


Think back to a time where you found yourself scrambling to buy a greeting card at the last possible minute. Think about how you probably knew that occasion was coming up well in advance, but you kept putting off the task because there was a nearly infinite list of more interesting things to do instead.

Yet there you were in the pharmacy greeting card aisle, an hour to go, palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy—so you grabbed a random card and said “good enough.”

Don’t do that. Join Earlycard instead. It’s simple.

Tell Earlycard what greeting cards you need and when, and we’ll remember the occasion for you. No more last minute shopping trips, no more forgotten birthdays. Take five minutes to choose from our exclusive designs, and we’ll send you the cards in advance of your big days. Plus, we remember each occasion from year-to-year, so you don’t have to keep telling us when to send you cards.


I am not aware of anyone in the scheduled delivery space of this industry. There are many delivery services, some of whom delivery directly to the recipient of the card. Earlycard believes that removes the critical human element of card-giving (signing the card, writing something nice in it)—that remains imperative.

In addition, Earlycard is better because it is a cohesive design vision (that will evolve and expand each year), and is a simple scheduling app.


Earlycard’s code, design, operations and marketing is all handled by Colby Painter. Colby is a loving son, husband, and (recent) dad, who nevertheless is incapable of remembering to buy his mother or wife greeting cards each year despite the fact that those dates never change.

He is a web developer with a super-secret tech job in the Commonwealth of Virginia (ok it’s not remotely secret or exciting).


$5 per card, per year. Free to sign up. 



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HEADQUARTERS: Richmond, Virginia

WEBSITE: earlycard.com


TWITTER: @myearlycard