Featured Startup Pitch: With its collaborative online platform, eBusinessPlan is out to prove that the business plan is not dead

By Editor March 5, 2014

Courtesy of eBusinessPlan.By Caleb Manscill, eBusinessPlan COO

Elevator Pitch: At eBusinessPlan, we offer the world’s first completely web-based business plan software, providing everything entrepreneurs need to attract investors and get the funding needed to build their company. 

Product Description

eBusinessPlan is a completely web-based business plan software. Offered for free, eBusinessPlan has all the tools entrepreneurs need to build a winning business plan, including the ability to share, review, and collaborate among several different users—eliminating the need to send emails and attachments back-and-forth, which often leads to information getting lost in the mix.

The easy-to-follow software leads users through the process of creating a business plan with sections such as the executive summary, company summary, industry analysis, marketing strategy, competition, financial statements and more. eBusinessPlan also features robust financial tools which allow even the most inexperienced entrepreneurs to develop key financial statements for their business plan, such as a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Additionally, an automatic financial ratio calculator is included that determines key business measures from inputted data.

Once the business plan is complete, users may choose to keep their plan private or make it ‘public’ for others, such as investors and lenders, to see.

eBusinessPlan is the quickest and easiest way for entrepreneurs to build, collaborate and share their business plan.

eBusinessPlan Screen Shot 1Founder’s Story

In 2006, James Endicott was asked to be a director of the Business Plan Competition at Brigham Young University. He worked with hundreds of young entrepreneurs to launch and build successful companies. James soon found one of the most important keys to winning the national competitions and getting funding from Angel investors, Venture Capital investors, and even banks was to have a winning business plan. James realized that a web-based tool to build, manage and promote business plans did not exist. So in 2012, eBusinessPlan.com was born.

Market Opportunity

Currently, there is an enormous opportunity in the business plan market to innovate through a new revenue model and collaborative technology. eBusinessPlan is pursuing both opportunities through our innovative business model and comprehensive software.

Within the business plan market, eBusinessPlan currently faces about half-a-dozen real competitors.

Differentiation from Competitors

Key features and tools needed to be competitive in the business plan market include business plan templates, forecasting tools, automatic projections, help text, and the ability to collaborate and share; not to mention competitive pricing. Among competitors, eBusinessPlan is the only service that offers all of these key features and tools in the same product, and does so free of charge.

eBusinessPlan Screen Shot 2Business Model

We have created eBusinessPlan as a lead-generation property that provides leads to companies that can help business owners grow and develop their business. Potential lead buyers include business loan lenders, insurance companies, website developers, marketing firms and other professional services.

When a person creates a business plan, they become a lead and are then qualified and matched-up with potential buyers. In the future, this will develop into an investor-to-entrepreneur matching platform—SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) plus annual membership fee.

Current Needs

Currently we are looking for new potential lead-buying partners, possible financing opportunities and to build awareness for our outstanding products through marketing opportunities.

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eBuinessPlan logoHeadquarters: Lehi, Utah

Website: www.ebusinessplan.com

Founder: James Endicott

Investors: Angel investors

Year Founded: 2012

Twitter: @ebusinessplan1

Facebook: facebook.com/eBusinessPlan

CrunchBase: crunchbase.com/company/ebusinessplan-com

Angel List: angel.co/ebusinessplan-com