Featured Startup Pitch: eRentPay – An all-in-one online property management tool for landlords

By Editor April 20, 2016



eRentPay is a new online property management tool bringing landlords everything they need to effectively manage their properties all in one place, saving them time and money.


eRentPay is a new online property management tool that solves many of the issues that affect how landlords manage their rental properties, how they market their rentals, and how they collect payment from tenants. eRentPay incorporates best-in-class software to provide landlords with a user-friendly, centralized dashboard to manage their properties all in one place. Landlords pay $12 a month to access the tool and collect payments online. They can also sign up for other pay-as-you-go services to ensure that they only pay for things that they use rather than wasting services in a bundled plan. Pay-as-you-go services offered by eRentPay include tenant screening, online tenant application creation, online rental agreement creation, maintenance request feature, property vacancy listings on multiple sites, credit card payments and more.

In addition to automating property management responsibilities, the eRentPay tool facilitates stronger landlord-tenant relations. The website allows tenants to pay online with ACH or a credit card, so they can pay their rent the same way they would pay for any other bill. They no longer have to worry about finding a check or money order. In addition to that, eRentPay facilitates automatic payments that can be set up as well for added convenience. Furthermore, tenants can also file a maintenance request online when a problem does occur. eRentPay automates these often tedious issues tenants face to improve their experience renting a specific property.


With eRentPay, landlords don’t have to worry about signing a lengthy contract or paying for services that they’re never going to use. Pay-as-you-go services can often be waived when landlords use its Certified Property Management Advisor. eRentPay is also much cheaper than hiring a property manager or using other online property management sites. A property manager could charge up to 10 percent per month of total rental income, and other online property management sites might charge up to $40 or much more a month with limited services compared to eRentPay. The charge for using eRentPay is only $12 a month, providing landlords with an affordable, no-commitment management solution.


eRentPay was founded by Michael B. Chapman, who saw a need for a smarter automated property management solution. Chapman is an army veteran who owns property but travels a lot–too much, in fact, to manage his properties on his own. He had used property managers in the past but believed they simply cost too much money for the services they were providing. In his research to find an alternative, he saw that there were very few online solutions and those that did exist charged either too much for their services or were cheap but offered no real value.

Chapman decided to go into business for himself and develop a software tool that was easy-to-use and offered solutions to the exact issues he was having as a landlord. It was not easy and there were many sleepless nights, but his vision became a reality in 2015 and eRentPay was born. In the near future, Chapman hopes to see eRentPay expand its services and develop new solutions to issues customers may be having managing their properties.


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