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By Editor October 29, 2015


COMPANY: fitbod


fitbod offers personalized workout routines based on your fitness profile.


fitbod is a fitness training app that offers personalized workout routines based on muscle recovery state, exercise history and fitness style. With fitbod, you can perform your most productive workout.

Proper exercise is a challenge for both casual exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike, who must perform the mental gymnastics of blending workout history, thousands of exercises, and gym constraints into a concrete workout plan. fitbod removes this guesswork by offering bespoke training routines tailored to the individual exerciser.

fitbod is the only fitness app that offers personalized training routines generated from the user’s exercise history and fitness style. It memorizes user preferences like target fitness goals and available equipment for providing the most relevant workout plan. fitbod enables users to visualize the body’s recovery state, then uses collected data to provide an optimized workout routine for each individual in real‐time.

By using fitbod the users are able to save time for workout planning. They are provided with the most effective individualized training routine that they can trust. By targeting the freshest muscles, fitbod increases the productivity of each workout and lowers the risk of injury.

Our mission is to make the building blocks of a healthier, active lifestyle accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


fitbod dynamically constructs exercise routines while other digital trainers rely on pre-defined workout plans. fitbod does this through a linear optimization algorithm that considers several fitness variables (muscle state, exercise history, fitness style and more) to find the optimal or ‘productive’ composite of exercises.

The best current substitute for fitbod is to hire an expensive personal trainer. Next, people use static workout programs, which do not dynamically adjust as the exerciser progresses. Lastly, workout tracking is accomplished through physical notebooks or digital loggers, which do not offer future fitness guidance.



Our co-founders Allen and Jesse met each other in college and have been close friends now for 12 years. They worked together before at another startup with Allen as the CTO and Jesse as the design advisor. After leaving the other startup they decided to target an industry that they both have more personal interest in.

Allen is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who built fitbod because no other product offered what he needed: To efficiently target the right muscles at the gym. fitbod is a product of three disparate experiences: A hacker background, a passion for strength training, and seven years of engineering portfolio optimization algorithms on Wall Street as a VP at BNP Paribas. Allen left Wall Street to build fitbod.

Jesse casually exercises in his spare time, though has historically been frustrated by the universe of possible exercises, nuances of proper technique, and inability of prior workouts to guide future fitness planning. fitbod delivers what Jesse needs to be more productive at the gym: Tailored exercise suggestions that eliminate all the researching, planning, and tracking of working out. Jesse wants to apply human-centered design to fitness and does so by leveraging his profession and experience as the former lead designer for the SlideShare and LinkedIn apps.

We know casual exercisers and fitness enthusiasts need fitbod to work out smarter. We also know that a huge number of underactive people really need fitbod to live healthier, with nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population failing to meet the Physical Activity Guidelines set by the CDC.

Our whole team is very efficient in working on fitbod by trying to incorporate the Lean Startup principles. We try to minimize waste and take enough time to make sure our prioritization is done right. We work closely together with our advisors, who are fitness specialists, as well as our users to get feedback and improve our product constantly. By focusing on user feedback and their anticipated needs we want to reach product-market fit without spending much time building features that no one actually wants.



FOUNDERS: Allen Chen, Jesse Venticinque

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


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