Featured Startup Pitch: Focused on preschoolers, GazziliWorld has created a suite of apps that combines technology, learning and fun

By Editor June 1, 2012

Gazziliworld_logoCompany: GazziliWorld

Website: www.gazziliworld.com

Founder: Adam Gittlin

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: 2011

Twitter: @gazziliworld

Brief Company Description: Gazziliworld Apps are made by a talented team of people dedicated to enhancing early childhood education through technology.


Adam_Gittlin_GazziliWorldBy Adam Gittlin, founder

Product Overview:

GazziliWorld, LLC, a leading developer of innovative, educational applications for preschoolers, is focused on creating applications with today’s cutting edge technology that fuse learning with fun.

Founder’s Story:

I’m primarily an entrepreneur with mostly a commercial real estate background, but I’ve always loved to write. One night, when my son was two, I was singing to him before bed and when I sang the word ‘fingerprint’ he stopped to ask what that was. I started keeping track of all the words he asked about—like ‘seed’ and ‘sweat’ that stumped me. At first I was thinking about a children’s book series. I started researching the words and working on a text formula that would be easily understood by children. But then I saw an iPad and envisioned the text transforming into an interactive activity showing the word in the context of our everyday lives. I thought—let’s use today’s cutting-edge technology and take learning to the next level. So with the right educational consultants and a wonderful development team, our Webby-Nominated GazziliWords was born, which led us to complimentary Gazzili Products and ultimately, GazziliWorld.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy:

We’ve been fortunate to be featured by Apple as each product has come out (GazziliWords made it into the Top 10 Educational Apps in its first day and was tabbed a ‘New & Noteworthy’ pick, as was GazziliShapes), and we are very active in using social media. Facebook and Twitter have been tremendous assets in terms of spreading the word to parents, preschool teachers, even grandparents–the types of people we want to reach.

How we are different:

I think there are a bunch of great preschool app developers out there creating all kinds of fun content. But our goal, something I feel we’re getting better at each day but already doing a strong job of, is using the technology to actually challenge today’s little minds; to combine expected curriculum with more challenging material all in one. In the past maybe it was felt a child could comprehend what a rainbow is at four years old. But I feel with the interactive technology available today we can ask—why not see if they can learn it at three? The technology lets us approach teaching in a fun, multi-sensory way unlike we’ve ever been able to before. This allows us to build apps that combine expected curriculum with more challenging material all in one.

GazziliWorld – www.gazziliworld.com