Featured Startup Pitch: Greeking.me – Cultural tourism for authentic travel experiences

By Editor February 2, 2016

COMPANY: Greeking.me

Greeking.me is an innovative culture tourism agency based in Athens, Greece. It consists of a team of young and enthousiastic locals who strive to show to travelers the authentic Greek culture. Greeking.me is promising to make you feel like a Greek during your visit to Athens.


The whole idea is based on activities that anyone loves; exploring, cooking, dancing & having fun! Greeking.me is offering unique, customized services that will create memorable experiences. Let’s get a closer look & taste Greece like never before! Services include the best walking tours in Athens, a mouthwatering Greek cooking lesson & the chance to feel like the Zorba, while learning the steps of Greek folk dances. Also, through Tailored (greeking.me/tailored), you can design your tailor-made holiday in Athens, according to your needs.

Explore the city with the eyes of a local
Wear comfortable shoes and explore Athens through specific cultural trails. Greeking.me designed some walks in the city that are meant to show you a different, unique & timeless Athens.

Morning Strolls
See the best of the city in a morning walk full of surprises & contradictions. Enjoy a 4-hour private travel experience including a carefully designed walk in the most historic neighborhoods of the city: Syntagma square, Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psiri. Taste a cup of traditional Greek coffee with the famous Greek loukoumi (traditional sweet) at an exceptional place downtown, while talking to your local expert guide, ready to answer all your questions and share with you all the aspects of city life.

Greek Ambrosia
Enjoy an intriguing walk in Athens Central Market (Varvakios) where you will discover the the originality of local trade. A food expert will be right there with you, ready to introduce you to the variety & wealth of the local fresh produce.

Then you will participate in a private 4-hour cooking lesson in a traditional place downtown, where your food specialist will teach you how to cook delicious Greek recipes. Prepare to get your hands dirty & do much more than just listen! Finally, you will have a mouthwatering Greek meal, prepared by you, which you will enjoy with the company of house wine & friends from around the world.

The Zorba inside me
Participate in a 1.5-hour instruction where a well-informed, enthusiastic dance instructor will teach you the steps of the most popular Greek dances as long as interesting info about their history & origins. Then you will enjoy your dinner in a traditional place downtown with delicious food & live Greek music where you will spend the evening with the company of local friends. Don’t miss the chance to get to know a powerful culture trait of Greek people, dance, and the meaning of it in their social life.


Greeking.me is focusing on quality, aiming to provide travelers with unique, customized services that will exceed their expectations and make the most out of their trip. We are not another one Athens walking tours company. We are trying to change drastically the way that travelers feel and come close to the Greek culture.


Anna is a 26 year-old teacher, living in Athens. She has great work experience in the education sector and her favorite subject has always been history and culture. She is currently attending a master’s degree program in Cultural Management. One of her passions is to study the great greek philosophers and to discuss about their way of examining both the physical world and the human relationships. She loves to travel, but her favorite destination has always been a little restaurant by the sea.

Nick has studied Economics and holds an MBA degree. In his late 20’s, he decided to leave his full-time job as an employee of the private sector (worked as a store manager for the last 4 years) in order to invest his time and efforts into this project. He loves traveling and has already visited many countries all over the world, satisfying his thirst for new experiences. During the weekends, he loves going out with friends, enjoying a good movie or escaping from an adventure room – his new favorite hobby. Being an entrepreneur in Greece nowadays is not an easy task, but he decided that it was worth taking the risk.

HEADQUARTERS: Athens, Greece

WEBSITE: greeking.me

FOUNDER(S): Nikos Theodoris, Anna Mania


TWITTER: @Greekingme

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/greekingme

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/10381000