Featured Startup Pitch: HappAppily – Sales contacts made more personal and accessible

By Editor November 9, 2015

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COMPANY: HappAppily


Salesforce in reverse: On-demand customer access to up-to-date personal sales and service contacts.


HappAppily is a widget that businesses can embed into their website in place of the contact form. It is a simple iframe widget optimized for both mobile and desktop, and it’s completely free.

The cloud computing software of Salesforce is recognized globally for simplifying the customer base for businesses. We have turned this on its head, making it easy for customers to contact a sales service representative, enabling the personal experience within the transaction, and in turn looking to build success for small businesses.

Our product provides a personal user interface displaying business contacts that a customer can easily use to contact sales representatives and customer service personnel. Sitting next to their Google Map, this creates an immediate way of contacting a known face from the business through integrated touch-to-call or email abilities.

The self-service portal allows businesses to easily add, edit, or delete employees, pushing the live updates to the widget, ensuring an up-to-date database of personnel ready for client contact.


The current alternatives tend to focus on a professional appearance and ease-of-use, however, we have combined this with the personal element that we believe is key to driving customer interactions. HappAppily is unique in the respect that through creating a personal feel it encourages client participation, and what’s more, it is completely free.

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HappAppily is a product of the collaboration of the technical expertise of my technical co-founder Robert Baltimore and my own financial background.

I realized an opportunity in the market when witnessing the frustrations of my wife looking to book a corporate event, armed with a budget of thousands of dollars. She submitted her details into an online contact form and never received a response when her message was dumped into an old mailbox.

Through incorporating human contact and a personal experience, we are not only eliminating this possibility of lost business but also attracting customers that may frequently be put off by the frigidness of the generic contact form.

We are currently developing a new product, looking to push the boundaries with next-generation technology. This premium service will provide improved intelligence in the user experience, something we think will be a game-changer for a potential of seven million businesses globally.


Free subscription based, ad-free service. Upcoming premium service will enable increased intelligence in user experience on a monthly, paid basis.

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WEBSITE: happappily.com


FOUNDERS: Jon Stolmeier, Robert Baltimore

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/HappAppily

ANGELLIST: angel.co/happappily