Featured Startup Pitch: LogoGarden wants to ease the process of branding for the smallest of startups

By Editor October 24, 2013
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John Williams, LogoGardenBy John Williams, LogoGarden founder and CEO

Elevator Pitch: LogoGarden is the free ‘make-it-now’ logo company. We’re laser-focused on the seven million a year new U.S.-based startups. Our key differentiating factor is our logo-centric branding strategy. We match the user’s logo to DIY products that range from business cards to websites. This creates a cohesive, professional brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods; and helps us develop a long-term relationship with our customers by giving them a reason to return.

Product and Service Description

LogoGarden is all about helping entrepreneurs create and grow their brand. Entrepreneurs often lack time and money to make basic branding materials—logo, website, business cards, etc.—all with the same look and feel. Yet, when everything matches, your business looks more professional, and potential customers recognize you more easily. That’s why we developed a unique system that makes everything match your new logo automatically. Entrepreneurs love to see their logo appear on different promotional items and merchandise. We offer custom drink ware, t-shirts, iPhone cases, tote bags and much more.

Founder’s Story

I previously launched LogoYes.com (2005-to-2008), the first-ever successful do-it-yourself logo creation website. Under my management, LogoYes served over 100,000 entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits, and developed integrated partnerships with leading sites such as Yahoo Small Business, Microsoft Office Live, and Business Plan Pro.

While operating LogoYes, I served as Entrepreneur.com’s branding columnist for over five years, and I have written for the Kauffman Foundation’s entrepreneurship.org.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

LogoGarden’s freemium model capitalizes on selling logo-related DIY products, including business cards, signs, and websites. This logo-centric sales strategy is unique in the industry. We are the only website using make-it-yourself logos as the lead-in to sell a full range of other branding products, an inherently strong position because logos are the cornerstone of branding.

Market Opportunity

-6.5 million startups/year.

-21 million existing SOHO [Small Office-Home Office] businesses.

1.) Websites: $175 billion. 100 percent of startups and 50 percent of existing SOHOs need websites.

2.) Web-to-Print: $60 billion = 30 percent of annual $200 billion commercial printing market.

3.) Apparel/Premiums: $3.3 billion (SOHO/SMB-2011).

Total Addressable Market: $238 billion

Business Model

Freemium users can create and download a free low-resolution logo. Once the users have created and saved their logo, LogoGarden’s technology automatically places the logo on apparel, promotional items, and websites, creating a recurring revenue model.

How We Differ From Competitors

LogoGarden’s strategy and enabling technology together provide a unique combination of competitive advantages. These include:

• Emotional engagement: Creating your own professional-looking logo in LogoGarden’s easy process results in a satisfying personal ‘ownership’ of your new brand. The result: a positive bond with LogoGarden.

• Sales efficiency: Because the customer’s logo resides at LogoGarden, our technology platform displays products depicting this logo within the user’s online account, and also in sales promotions we send users via email. Customers, in turn, buy more when they see products with their logo already in place.

• Integration: Products are rendered in colors that match and complement the logo, further increasing sales appeal.

What We Need

LogoGaren will be offering a Series B round in April, 2014.

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LogoGarden logoWebsite: www.logogarden.com

Founder: John Williams

Headquarters: Franklin, Tennessee

Year Founded: 2010

Investors: Clayton Associates FCA Venture Partners ($2 million total funding)

Twitter: @LogoGarden

Facebook: facebook.com/logogarden

CrunchBase: crunchbase.com/company/logogarden