Featured Startup Pitch: Mailbird – An all-in-one communication and productivity platform for Windows

By Editor December 4, 2015

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COMPANY: Mailbird


An all-in-one communication and productivity platform, combining email, messaging, task management, calendar, and video meetings in one beautiful hub.


Conceived on the tropical island of Bali, the team at Mailbird are leading an emerging tech startup scene. They reject traditional constraints, embracing fluidity and flexibility in their working culture.

Mailbird is the first ultimate email productivity tool for Windows, integrating email, calendar, task and messaging apps in one simple interface, driving improved efficiencies and productivity. Conceived in 2011, the team now operates globally, utilizing progressive technologies to enable maximized outputs.


There is a lot of noise and movement in the email space right now. The competition between various solutions gives us validation of the great need for a better email experience. Our strategy, from the beginning, has been to find a market to focus on and make something different. Where for many email has become a productivity killer in the workplace, by solving these issues we are facilitating just the opposite.

We are further developing these with the Wingman feature (personalizing your productivity tips), and Birdhouse app integrations in our product pipeline. Our product combines email, messaging, task management, calendar and video meetings, offering the user communication alternatives right next to the inbox.

As we grow, we are looking to build a tight community between email users, premium productivity tools and third party developers who are also interested in building and marketing their productivity apps within Mailbird.

There is not just one single problem with email; by creating our productivity platform packaged in a beautiful and fast email client and continuing to develop this, we are able to innovate every day.


The initial idea came from our co-founder and CPO, Michael Bodekaer. Michael started an entrepreneurial initiative called Project Getaway that takes place in Bali every year, and it was here that Michael met Andrea Loubier, our CEO.

Mailbird-Michael and Andrea

Mailbird co-founder and CPO Michael Bodekaer and CEO Andrea Loubier.

Andrea has over eight years of experience in team leadership, market research and project management. Andrea is a connector and a leader skilled at maintaining valuable relations. Michael, like many others today, is a hybrid user when it comes to operating systems—meaning he works on both the Mac OS and Windows OS. On Mac it was clear that Sparrow was a winner in the email client world, however on Windows there was nothing that provided this alternative experience.

Together, Andrea and Michael assembled the team in early 2012 and began to brainstorm ideas with the intention of building an email experience to surpass all others on the Windows platform. This blend of talent led to the first lightweight, intuitive, and efficient version of Mailbird, and we have continued to develop. We speak to our customers, we learn about their requirements and we evolve. Starting with six team members, the team has doubled in size now with global offices in Indonesia, India and Europe.


We have a subscription-based model with three different options for our users. The free LITE product provides basic products for up to three mail accounts. This option allows a 30-day trial of the advanced PRO, $1 monthly version, our most popular choice. Finally the Lifetime version, also with unlimited accounts, allows for a lump $45 payment and lifetime access.

We are also planning to launch our Birdhouse App API allowing third-party developers and premium productivity app integration to contribute their awesome apps to the Mailbird Birdhouse platform.

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HEADQUARTERS: Bali, Indonesia

WEBSITE: getmailbird.com


TWITTER: @getmailbird

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/getmailbird

CRUNCHBASE: crunchbase.com/organization/mailbird

ANGELLIST: angel.co/mailbird