Featured Startup Pitch: Mash Machine has reinvented the DJing experience for simpler music mashups

By Editor April 23, 2014

Guy Gross, Mash MachineBy Guy Gross, Mash Machine CEO

Elevator Pitch: Mash Machine is a new multimedia platform bringing audio and visual controls into a single tangible user interface. Creating music as simple as placing blocks on a table, and DJing as easy as moving these objects across the surface.

Product Description

The Mash Machine is a music entertainment device that will make music tangible for all. With 40 carefully selected snippets of sounds and over 10,000 playable combinations, players can select and mix bass, drums, melodies, and vocals by moving an object across a play surface. We want to make the Mash Machine a unique experience usable for private events as well as shopping centers, festivals and nightclubs. Entirely customizable, the content platform can be branded or embedded into any chosen environment, while the controllers can be customized to meet the users’ preference, and be any shape item or a product—from plastic cubes to chocolate bars or plush toys.

MashMachine photo1Founders’ Story

Our founding team has strong music, innovation, marketing and technology backgrounds. The Mash Machine story began when Andrius (co-founder Andrius Ziura) started working for Philip Morris, in the marketing department; his role was to introduce new ways to market cigarettes in nightclubs and bars in Eastern Europe. He came up with an idea when seeing some friends DJing with small boxes, and introduced the concept. Even though not suitable for the cigarette industry, he saw the potential in developing the idea further. He then got connected to Ottavio and Mathieu—marketing and technology specialists.

Mathieu, Ottavio, and Andrius started developing the Mash Machine further through experiential marketing campaigns for blue chip clients at various events—they wanted to take the brand further and founded the Mo’Joes Company.

This is where I stepped in, having over 18 years’ experience in music and innovation. I saw the potential in making this company a success. I noticed that there was nothing quite like the Mash Machine on the market, and that the concept could be taken to the next level.

Our goal as a team is to make the Mash Machine a fun and social activity that can be easily customizable, and will be a unique and memorable experience for our clients.

MashMachine photo3Marketing/Promotion Strategy

As a startup we want to make sure we are visible in as many events and campaigns as possible to get the brand growing. We always make sure we inform and share videos, links and events with our followers on various social media platforms as well as our website. We have also successfully developed partnerships with multiple global brand agencies across Europe, and have taken part in various tech competitions.

Market Opportunity

The Mash Machine can fit in so many different markets; currently, our key markets are event entertainment and experiential marketing for B2B and B2C clients. Our point of sales being branding, any client can make the Mash Machine their own with personalized brand messaging, images, and products.

There are no restrictions to the Mash Machine’s capabilities, which is why in the future we want to take it to broader markets such as education, therapy, music performance, and console plug in.

MashMachine photo2Differentiation

We have based our competitive matrix on price, entertainment, and professional tools, and have acknowledged the fact that many competitors do not entirely fulfill the three pillars that makes the Mash Machine a success. Moreover, we are anticipating the needs of the market as well as our current and potential clients to further develop the Mash Machine into global markets.

Business Model

The Mash Machine can be sold to our B2B and B2C clients in two different ways. First, it can be rented for special campaigns and event companies. Secondly, we have purchase sales for which we will put in place distribution stocks in countries across Europe.

Current Needs

Our objective is to further develop the Mash Machine, and we are currently crowdfunding to raise £1.5 million for 25 percent equity to rapidly grow the business and to take the Mash Machine to the next level. Details can be found online at www.crowdbnk.com/p/mashmachine.

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MashMachine logoHeadquarters: London

Website: www.mashmachines.com

Founders: Ottavio Cambieri, Mathieu Hingant, Andrius Ziura, Guy Gross

Investors: Bootstrapped

Year founded: 2013

Twitter: @MashMachines