Featured Startup Pitch: NanoRep—bringing a smart and efficient help-desk to businesses of all sizes and their customers

By Editor August 30, 2011

NanoRep_logoCompany: nanoRep
Website: www.nanorep.com
Founders: Doron Herzlich, Aviv Dror, Amit Ben Shahar, Ofer David
Headquarters: Herzliya, Israel
Year Founded: 2009
Twitter: @nanoRep

Brief Company Description: “nanoRep is the instant-answer, self-service help-desk solution and ticketing system promoting rapid business growth and minimizing customer support costs.”

Doron_Herzlich-NanoRepBy Doron Herzlich, co-founder and CEO

Product Overview

nanoRep is the only help-desk solution capable of instantly answering between 80-92 percent of incoming customer support queries, enabling startups, SMBs and enterprises enjoying rapid growth to keep support costs flat. It does this via a self-learning, Q&A tool that integrates to a company’s website one of three ways—(1) as a floating widget, able to follow customers across every page of the site, (2) embedded within a company’s support page, (3) or via a Facebook application. Companies input their FAQ into a single knowledge base, and with every customer question asked and response provided by a support rep—across all channels: email, live chats, Facebook, Twitter and more – the knowledge base automatically builds itself up. Within three months, nanoRep is able to accurately answer up to 92 percent of customers’ questions, leaving only 8-15 percent to be escalated to support reps via an intuitive ticketing system. Try it here.

nanoRep doubles as a sales tool, instantly answering questions about merchandise and promotions, and generating leads. Companies using nanoRep see their sites’ conversion rates climb 15 percent on average.

nanoRep’s high rate of accurately answered queries is due to the fact we have developed (patent pending) self-learning knowledge base powered by four dimensional NLP (Natural Language Processing), while the industry standard uses single dimensional NLP. This means nanoRep can provide 90 percent accuracy of understanding the meaning of users’ questions, while other solutions provide 30 percent accuracy.

More than just a solution for frustrated customers, nanoRep is the first help-desk software and ticketing system that enables rapid growth for businesses without the equivalent expansion of support costs.

Founder’s Story

I’ve been called a “serial entrepreneur,” and indeed, nanoRep is my sixth startup after previously founding and serving as CEO for a number of successful companies. My co-founders and I launched nanoRep in Q1, 2009 with the goal of providing web-users seeking support with an easy, intuitive and fast way to get the answers they need. We also wanted to solve the problems of website and shopping cart abandonment for site owners.

During the development process, we came to understand the market’s need for a support tool that could learn from both users’ questions and reps’ answers to automatically build a knowledge base and provide accurate answers in real-time. This realization became our beacon as we evolved nanoRep into a first-of-its-kind help desk tool—the only support solution that relieves growing companies from the need to hire additional support reps. That’s right, every other ticketing system encourages increasing the size of the support team—except for nanoRep.

What’s so special about nanoRep?

I’ve already mentioned two of our primary differentiators—we are the only help-desk solution that doesn’t promote increasing the size of the support team, and we have developed a (patent pending) technology which provides 3x the industry standard for accurately understanding the meaning of users’ questions.

There is a third core difference between nanoRep and other support offerings. nanoRep stores its information in free text rather than in categories, as all other ticketing vendors do. As a result, only nanoRep enables search within free text, which is what allows us to provide accurate answers instantly—vs. requiring users to select categories and read all the documents based on entered key words.

Marketing and Promotion Strategy

End-users are our best promoters. nanoRep is grateful to already be installed on nearly a hundred ecommerce, SaaS, telecon and service providers’ websites. When customers have an extraordinary customer service experience, they investigate who’s behind it, and some of them become our next clients.

nanoRep is also working to build strategic partnerships and integrations with complimentary applications and web-platforms to increase our availability among mutual customers.

Business Model

nanoRep has recognized the opportunity in implementing the SaaS model and thereby simplifying the integration process while reducing costs for our clients. Our business model is based on monthly subscriptions. Pricing is based on the amount of accurate, instant answers nanoRep provides to a client’s customers each month. The ticketing system, Facebook application and Twitter integration are included free of charge.

Current Needs

nanoRep is currently looking for channel partners in the CRM and ecommerce platforms for expanding our sales globally. Additional leads are always welcome.

NanoRep – www.nanorep.com