Featured Startup Pitch: ProjectVision – Proactive data-based weight loss technology

By Editor August 27, 2015

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COMPANY: ProjectVision


Personalized, data-driven preventive care.


Our flagship product, Yabbit, focuses on helping patients overcome the key environmental, psychological, and social barriers that inhibit long-term weight loss. Combining behavioral data from our app, biometric data from connected devices, and GPS data from the smartphone, Yabbit generates individualized daily challenges that are achievable based on each patient’s mental readiness for change and that are sensitive to the patient’s environmental or social limitations. Our goal is to develop a democratized model of effective preventive care available to all.


There are a myriad of weight loss focused apps. What makes Yabbit stand out is its focus on more than just the fitness or nutritional plans—it focuses on the underlying habits that are the foundation of healthy behavior change. Without such habits, successful weight loss via a focused program or plan will eventually just get re-gained.

Another key component that makes Yabbit stand out is that it enables care providers to stay engaged with patients on more than just an episodic, once-in-a-month visit type of way, even for patients already enrolled in a medically supervised weight loss program. By sharing data with care providers in a curated, actionable manner, Yabbit sets the stage for timely behavioral interventions that reduce the overall cost of preventive care services while improving their overall effectiveness.

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Yabbit will be sold to care providers and hospitals, who will make the app available to patients at no cost.


Founders Samudzi and Garg met through the Carnegie Mellon alumni network, and hit it off right away. Co-founder Dr. Michael Feinberg was introduced through a common business partner. All three shared a strong desire to improve the state of preventive care in the U.S. through technology in order to reduce the rate of chronic conditions. The team has been together for over a year—Shingai focuses on sales, marketing, and fundraising; Michael on clinical product development, and Gaurav on technology.
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HEADQUARTERS: Berkeley, California

WEBSITE: yabbit.io


TWITTER: @projectvisionhq

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/projectvisioninc

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/projectvision