Featured Startup Pitch: Pure Devices is targeting non-techies with a table-top touch screen Internet device with an ease-of-use focus

By Editor August 28, 2012

PureDevices_logo Company: Pure Devices

Website: www.puredevices.com (Kickstarter campaign)

Founder: Eugene Luskin

Headquarters: Seattle

Year Founded: 2011

Investors: Bootstrapped

Twitter: @puredevices

Brief Company Description: Pure Devices is a Seattle-based technology company (founded by Eugene Luskin and a team of collaborators he’s been working with for years) focused on simplifying the online experience with a heavy emphasis on communication and entertainment for every family member.

Eugene_Luskin-PureDevicesBy Eugene Luskin, founder and CEO

Product Overview

The Pure Device is an elegant, tabletop touch screen device accelerated by cloud technologies, providing an intuitive experience for a selected set of online services to 24/7 support call centers. The product enables people to use Internet services, video telephones, stream online television and listen to online radio without the hassle of learning how to use a computer.

Unlike your common desktop or laptop computer, Pure Devices does not require program installation, operating system upgrades or restarts. All of these processes are done within a large-scale private cloud, ensuring a user experience devoid of upgrades, crashes and other hassles typically associated with software and hardware solutions.

Founders’ Story

I am the CEO of Pure Devices, a Seattle-based technology company focused on integrating software and hardware solutions for the senior market, as well as CEO of 3D Digital LLC, the creators of the patent-pending technology ‘My 3D Dream’—a solution that converts a non-3D TV in to one that can receive 3D content.

My engineering and management career includes experience with large corporations and startups, full cycle product development, and managing startups from inception to millions of dollars in revenue.

Previously, I was a producer at HK Silver Light Studios, software design engineer/program manager at Microsoft, senior software engineer at Intel and software engineer at Parametric Technology. I also founded and served as CEO of Lagotek Corporation, a commercial and residential energy management technology systems company.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Pure Devices aims to be the leader in the simple technology market for seniors with a great potential to open up its capability to service a wide range of customers needing simple technology to live their lives to the fullest.

Ultimately, we want to help people to stay connected to the digital world by simplifying their experience and putting it into one easy-to-use device.

The target of our initial marketing campaign is caregivers and those people who have relatives and friends who can benefit from simplified computing and online experience. For instance, our client can hear about Pure Devices from their senior community advisor and call in to purchase one over the phone. Once we receive that sales phone call, we explain how the subscription memberships work and how the delivery of the product takes place.

An installation representative delivers the product and does not just drop the device by the front door but comes in and installs the device (plugs it in, turns it on and explains how to use it). He/she continues to set up appropriate accounts (such as email, video communication, social networking), if the user doesn’t have one, and follows with the explanation of all the features. A customer service number is always available if any problems arise. This device will not have any updates or software issues because those happen on the cloud side and are taken care of by highly trained professionals and system administrators.

Company Differentiators

Ease of use – we are creating and constantly refining customer experiences and solutions based on ever evolving products and processes monitoring, benchmarking and utilizing customer use data analysis.

Complete cycle of user experience – from every technical feature of the devices, to the entire functionality of the dedicated cloud, to every single customer care conversation, we control every feature and have the ability to provide an unprecedented level of user experience.

Read-only devices – all customer settings and data are stored in our cloud, which provides a high level of safety and protection.

Direct support and assistance – our concierge service has immediate access to a customer’s device, including an ability to draw suggestions on a device’s screen remotely (requires customer’s permission for every remote access session).

Business Model

We strive to simplify the process of using a computer for a senior. We aim to be in every household and be notable for smooth and fast customer service.

We will set up our clients with Skype accounts, email, Internet and other means in order to stay connected with the world. We want to be the one that seniors turn to when they want an easy and fast way to get online. We will know that we have reached success when families can interact with one another every day in different parts of the world, when our technology is making a difference and our revenues are up.

Current Needs

We need support to complete the following:

  • Build press forms
  • Optimize the assembly and testing process
  • Deploy our cloud services
  • Finalize the software package
  • Prepare the SDK for third-party developers

With the requested funding in place, we are going to be in the position to continue our journey and bring the current prototypes to the manufacturing line.

Our primary software development team is located in Seattle and will continue polishing the user experience, user interface and back-end functionality. We will need to pull more engineering resources in to finalize hardware design and continue working with our manufacturing partners in Silicon Valley.

Please help support the Pure Device Kickstarter campaign.

Pure Devices – www.puredevices.com