Featured Startup Pitch: Rapidus – 1-hour and same-day delivery service

By Editor February 9, 2016

COMPANY: Rapidus


Rapidus’ 1-hour and same-day delivery services use a network of drivers and advanced technology for faster deliveries at a low cost.


Rapidus is a one-tap solution for business package delivery with 24/7 availability. It provides the utility of Uber, for the courier service space. The service brings paid work to independent drivers by connecting them to businesses that need to deliver packages. Businesses have access to a hassle-free, safe solution for all their delivery needs at extremely competitive prices.

Businesses can track their packages online or via the Rapidus iOS app. The app provides businesses with an advanced notification system that shows users the estimated arrival time, allowing direct communication with the driver. For security, the app provides signature and photo capture and keeps track of all electronic records.

Clients can choose their delivery vehicle type and also select an option for same-day or one-hour delivery. Drivers can also make purchases, for example from a pharmacy, grocery store or restaurant. Rapidus also provides a vehicle delivery service, in which they pick up the client’s vehicle, take it to the service station, and return it when ready.

Rapidus designs their service around the daily schedule of drivers, allowing them to make money on routes that they would already be traveling. The service accounts for the commutes and preferred travel patterns of each driver, enabling the company to grow a large network of on-demand drivers that can fit this work to their lives.


Today’s courier delivery services are frequently limited to standard operating zones, lacking flexibility and charging higher rates. Favored established routes may come at a lower cost but this does not always satisfy the growing variety of customer needs.

Rapidus’ sophisticated offering combines the benefits of technology – for tracking and improved communications, with a large driver capacity, driving routes that also suit their schedules. By turning this service into a marketplace, Rapidus is able to maximize this opportunity for drivers and customers.

Rapidus uses improved efficiencies to drive prices down, while still boosting one of the fastest services on the market. Rapidus designs their service to have drivers make multiple deliveries in one trip, a practice known as ‘package stacking.’ As a result, the price for businesses are on average 30-50% lower than traditional courier services. Rapidus also uses big data to analyze and optimize driver routes to ensure the fastest delivery routes.


Alex Prokhorenko founded Rapidus in 2015. He was inspired by the successes of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts – making frequent local deliveries between campuses, and sharing stories with these friends the concept struck a chord.

Prokhorenko also learned first hand the frustrations of the courier industry in the Bay Area. After locking his own keys inside his car and turning to courier companies to retrieve a set from home – after hours of discussion and negotiation, the experience cost him almost three times the amount as Rapidus’ pricing today and provided no transparency of driver location or estimated arrival time. Prokhorenko realized there had to be a better way.

He built a team of experts, including his own brother Alexey Prokhorenko who joined as CTO with years of experience in the tech industry. Combining his technical acumen, with the logistical knowledge of Andrei Gourji, and his own drive to create a scalable on-demand solution that used big data for a flexible, low-cost model, Rapidus was born.


Rapidus charges 25% of the full delivery price, taking care of lead generation and payment facilitation, and the driver receives 75%. Rapidus is currently experimenting with different business partnership opportunities, that may potentially result in new revenue streams, for the company and driver network.


WEBSITE: rapidus.com


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