Featured Startup Pitch: REEL CODE MEDIA’s image-scanning technology enables brands to connect with consumers’ mobile devices in real-time

By Editor December 30, 2013
Courtesy of Real Code Media.

Courtesy of Real Code Media.By Isaac Daniel, REEL CODE MEDIA founder

Elevator Pitch: REEL CODE MEDIA is an augmented reality technology that bridges print and electronic images with mobile devices. Utilizing a single image and your smartphone (or tablet) you can instantly interact with four channels of multimedia content.

Product Description

REEL CODE MEDIA is opening up new frontiers in marketing and advertising—connecting consumers with products they desire, and individuals with the media they love. It is an interactive augmented reality app that allows users to access four channels of multimedia content on their mobile device. Utilizing a smartphone or tablet, one simply scans a single multi-colored image to instantly access an array of interactive content, which could include a video, web store, product information, store location, coupons, promotions, maps, and so much more. The app is free and currently available for Android devices at the Google Play store, and for Apple devices at the App Store.

Market Opportunity

The market opportunity for REEL CODE MEDIA to strengthen brands and empower individuals is profound. In a culture of constant information sharing, and the need to connect print and electronic images to digital content on mobile devices without missing a beat, REEL CODE MEDIA fills this need and more.

Specifically, what makes RCM effective for brands is its ability to provide users with a diverse array of multimedia channels connected to a single image. RCM offers companies the ability to update or change content, even after the RCM framed image has been printed, delivered, and scanned by the user. It keeps brand information literally at consumers’ fingertips. It is a cost-effective, eco-friendly resource for marketing and promotion.

For example, if a RCM frame is placed within a print ad, it will allow readers to connect with brands (and their products) instantly, in ways that will enhance the customer experience and lead to sales. Since brands make a considerable investment in advertising campaigns, it is key to connect with consumers the moment they are inspired. REEL CODE MEDIA makes this possible. With a single scan of the REEL CODE frame, consumers can be immediately transported to an online store, connected to social media channels, provided with access to a map with store locations and directions, offered promotional videos, have access to special sales, and so much more. In a world where content is king, REEL CODE MEDIA is giving consumers and brands a fun and memorable experience; and the best part is that once a viewer scans that particular frame, brands can update content in real-time that the user will receive instantly. It is poised to change how companies can engage with the consumer by providing them with rich, dynamic, and always up-to-date content in a fun, easy, and fast way.

Promotion Strategy

One of RCM’s promotion strategies is to participate in high-profile events to demonstrate the strength of our technology and how it can be applied to a variety of industries. REEL CODE MEDIA recently played a pivotal role in New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to provide fashion devotees, industry insiders and world-renowned designers with a new app to transform their experience.

To strengthen each fashion designer’s participation, REEL CODE MEDIA provided each one with a RCM frame. Attendees simply scanned the designers’ image (found in the event brochure and on event signage) and were instantly transported to four channels of content—including the designer’s biography, images of the fashion collection, videos of runway shows, and store locations, among other things.

Our participation also caught the eye of several celebrities and fashion week insiders, including Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks, Paul Pierce of the Brooklyn Nets, and head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Jason Kidd. They all utilized the app with great fanfare. The media caught wind of RCM as well, with Adweek, ELLE Men, SiriusXM, and others covering the story.

In addition to participating in high-profile events, we are partnering with leading publishing companies and magazines, sporting teams, and industry conferences. Importantly, REEL CODE MEDIA recently made its technology completely free for individuals to create RCM framed images.

Courtesy of Real Code Media.Differentiation

REEL CODE MEDIA is like nothing else on the market. However, due to the technology that connects users with media through an image scan, we are often compared to QR codes—or, more accurately, we’re known as the technology that is making QR codes obsolete. The two big differentiations to keep in mind are QR codes provide no information about a brand when viewed, and the black-and-white squares can be quite plain and unpleasing to the eye. The ability to promote RCM frames with artwork, in contrast to the mysterious black-and-white square patches that make up QR codes, is not only more appealing, but it also increases the likelihood the images will be scanned. Moreover, the content creator can update the multimedia connected to the scanned frame at any time. QR codes do not have this flexibility.

The REEL CODE MEDIA app is free to download. Also, setting up a frame to be scanned is free for individuals and cost-effective for commercial brands.

Founder’s Story

I am a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and chief executive officer. An inventor and designer of high-tech products, my passion for technology and innovation has led to over 300 patents and patents-pending in the United States. My geo-positioning creations have been featured in numerous television broadcasts and print media in the U.S. and worldwide, and have been used to connect people worldwide. They have been integrated for use in social media, workforce management, public safety and have many other industry-specific applications. As the original inventor of GPS sneakers, I have been celebrated for blending high-impact technology innovations with fashion.

Current Needs

We are currently seeking to partner with brands engaged in print advertising campaigns to provide them with tools to connect to consumers on mobile devices. RCM is also seeking to work with advertising firms and publishing companies to introduce them to the power of our augmented reality technology.

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Courtesy of Real Code Media.Headquarters: Miami

Website: www.reelcodemedia.com

Founder: Isaac Daniel

Investors: Bootstrapped

Year Founded: 2013

Twitter: @ReelCodeMedia

Facebook: facebook.com/ReelCodeMedia