Featured Startup Pitch: With its integrated interview scheduling platform, Reschedge wants to streamline the hiring process for recruiters

By Editor October 25, 2013
Jonathan Kennell, Reschedge

Jonathan Kennell, ReschedgeBy Jonathan Kennell, Reschedge/212 Labs co-founder and CEO

Elevator Pitch: Reschedge, the world’s most advanced interview scheduling engine, makes it easy to coordinate interviews, manage invitations, and reserve rooms across multiple calendars, time zones, and locations. Reschedge saves hours per day for the typical recruiting professional by scheduling interviews in just 60 seconds.

Product/Service Description

Growing companies need to bring new employees on board quickly, and applicant tracking systems (ATS) are an excellent way to identify qualified candidates. But there’s a bottleneck at the interviewing stage: Scheduling interviews—particularly those involving multiple people, locations, time zones, and conference rooms—can consume hours each day. Recruiters have to juggle candidate and interviewer schedules, reserve times and rooms, coordinate invitations and contend with last-minute changes.

Reschedge serves as a virtual recruiting coordinator. It instantly imports calendars and contact information from Google or Outlook, and works with leading ATS platforms to streamline interview scheduling. Once Reschedge is configured, recruiters just click ‘Schedule Interview,’ and Reschedge delivers a menu of perfect schedule options, from simple one-on-one interviews to panel interviews involving people from multiple departments and locations.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to choose the interview schedule option that works best, and Reschedge then syncs with the ATS or calendar, sends out invitations, reserves rooms, and tracks responses. A dashboard makes it simple for recruiters to check the status of invitations and responses all in one place.

Founder’s Story

I started out as a software engineer at Google, where I spent more than five years before moving on to Yext, a tech company that gives businesses a way to update location-related information on multiple websites from one place. I was a software engineer at Yext, then a product manager and finally director of product management.

In 2012, I founded 212 Labs to improve the hiring process through technology, and developed Reschedge, an automated interview scheduling tool for recruiters and HR professionals.

Marketing and Promotions Strategy

Right now, we’re focused on maximizing exposure in a number of ways, including press outreach and social media. We have a great story to tell—one that resonates with any recruiter or other HR professional who has to contend with the hassles of interview scheduling.

We’ve done case studies with some of our many happy customers to give potential Reschedge users a real-world view of how our solution can work and benefit them. We’re currently looking at additional ways to increase our visibility through targeted media and online engagement.

Market Opportunity

There’s a huge market opportunity because Reschedge gives busy recruiters the gift of time: Right now, recruiters and other HR professionals are spending hours chasing down invitation responses and creating lengthy, complex master schedules to try to coordinate availability across multiple individuals, numerous departments, and various locations.

With Reschedge, they can cut those hours down to seconds, which means they can spend the time they save on more strategic tasks. There’s nothing more important to company growth and success than having the right team in place. By streamlining the process of bringing the right people on board, Reschedge helps customers succeed.

How Reschedge Is Different

Reschedge is unique in the industry. One of our customers told us his company, which is in hyper-growth mode, was so desperate for a solution that they were going to develop their own software to handle interview scheduling—until they found Reschedge, which provides everything they need.

One key differentiator is our use of advanced algorithms—other calendar tools simply show recruiters the interviewers’ calendars and leave it up to the recruiter to figure out the right master interviewing schedule, which is why it takes so long. Reschedge has a built-in search engine for schedules that figures out great schedules and presents recruiters with ranked results, much like a web search engine. Reschedge’s advanced algorithms can figure out schedules in seconds—instead of the minutes or hours it would take a human to sort it out—and that’s where we’re really taking scheduling to the next level.

Reschedge seamlessly integrates with customers’ ATS and calendar systems, and it delivers a status report on a dashboard so that interview coordinators can see at-a-glance who has accepted, declined, or not yet responded to invitations. The dashboard even confirms that conference rooms were successfully booked.

And, instead of making users hunt through inboxes or company calendars for information, Reschedge delivers everything in one place. The bottom line is that Reschedge makes finding the right employees a whole lot easier.

Business Model

Subscription-based cloud-hosted SaaS product.

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Reschedge logoWebsite: www.reschedge.com

Founder: Jonathan Kennell

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: 2012

Employees: 2

Twitter: @reschedge

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/reschedge

AngelList: angel.co/212-labs-1