Featured Startup Pitch: ServisTree combines social media and the cloud to increase customer loyalty in the foodservice industry

By Editor January 10, 2012

servistree_logoCompany: ServisTree.com
Website: www.servistree.com
Founders: David Cohen and Adam Weizer
Headquarters: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Year Founded: 2008
Twitter: @servistree
Brief Company Description: Merchants, retailers & other biz utilize @servistree 4 socmed mktg, giftcard/loyalty programs, creditcard proc & more http://bit.ly/sPbbZg


By David Cohen, co-founder

Product Overview

Helping businesses of all sizes grow to their full potential, ServisTree.com allows companies to immediately merge the worlds of marketing, loyalty and social networking. Shoppers can tap into loyalty programs and redeem gift card offerings from local businesses via their smartphone, virtually ending the days of carrying all the cards around in a wallet or purse.

Merchants turn to ServisTree.com when they want to incorporate the Paycloud smartphone loyalty program within their business operations. The Paycloud app is available as a free download from Apple’s App store and Android’s market. Paycloud eliminates the need for consumers to carry reward cards and coupons. This allows consumers and ServisTree.com retailers an immediate and seamless transaction, eliminating the need for consumers to remember or carry reward and gift cards for each retailer. Furthermore, consumers will be able to instantly sign up for a nearby participating retailer using the Paycloud app, notification for loyalty program sign-up, allowing for immediate rewards upon their visit and checkout on their smartphone. This would increase the likelihood of consumers buying from a retailer that participates in the Paycloud network and allowing the retailer to differentiate itself from competitors.

ServisTree.com also improves cash flow and receivables for merchants through advanced payment acceptance tools with personalized services and next-day funding available from leading banks. What’s more, our vCheck technology eliminates the need for lengthy and sometimes unreliable payments through the postal service with print-ready check payments securely processed over the web.

Mobile and social marketing programs eliminate the frustration business owners often feel with today’s highly technical and social elements of customer relationship-based marketing. ServisTree.com text-messaging services are available to help businesses pull in customers during slow periods, and companies can also stay in touch with fans through their preferred social networks with a host of social marketing platforms.

Founders’ Story

Along with Adam Weizer, I successfully grew Cyril’s Bakery into one of the leading suppliers of frozen bakery products to the foodservice and retail industries. A lifelong entrepreneur, I took over the small frozen bakery products company in 1987 and turned it into one of the leading suppliers of frozen bakery products. Twenty-eight years later our products are sold through 36 distribution channels throughout the Southeast U.S., Caribbean and Latin America. Adam Weizer joined Cyril’s Bakery in 1997 and currently serves as executive vice president.

During the struggling economy Mr. Weizer and I grew frustrated with the limitations and obstacles selling products through distributors. With the desire to diversify, we discussed many different business models until we realized how specialized technology based companies sold services utilizing independent sales organizations. After many months of research we discovered a need for a responsive service-based company that would meet the demanding expectations of other business owners. The seed was planted and ServisTree.com began to grow, with products designed to provide value through targeted business services ultimately delivering profitable results.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

ServisTree.com is most beneficial to retailers, merchants and businesses that have anywhere from one to 20 locations, either regionally or nationally. These are businesses that are looking to compete with some of today’s leading brands but may not have the similar budget for marketing, loyalty, credit card processing and other operations-critical functions. These are also businesses that want to focus on growth while being mindful of their budgets. With almost 30 years in the foodservice industry, our management team is focused on leveraging those relationships to create a network of users from frozen yogurt shops and coffee houses to restaurants and other service-oriented businesses. But ServisTree.com is perfect for any small-to-midsize business that sells to patrons with an emphasis on customer service.

How We Differentiate from the Competition

We have an extensive background working in the foodservice industry. In addition to our delicious baked-goods products, we are known throughout the industry for impeccable customer service and automation through technology. In fact, when the economy took a downturn in 2008, many of our customers initially relied on this automation and customer service for on-time deliveries and operational efficiencies. This combination of technology and automation, along with unparalleled customer service is truly what differentiates ServisTree.com from its competitors. Adding to this mix are the thousands of relationships we’ve built within large distributors and merchants in the foodservice industry. An obvious starting point to launch ServisTree.com is to leverage these relationships.

Business Model

In today’s business landscape, it’s important to take advantage of social media marketing and loyalty programs that are effective for both the merchant and end user. But for a smaller merchant who’s focused on running their business, social media can be daunting to say the least. Plus, loyalty is what differentiates a good business and what really keeps customers coming back. ServisTree.com built a business plan around focusing on implementing these two areas for smaller merchants so they can take on and compete against some of today’s biggest brands.

Current Needs

Right now ServisTree.com is focused on brand awareness and leveraging its deep relationships within the foodservice industry. Success will be based on awareness and marketing that illustrates a need for this type of service and family of products.

ServisTree – www.servistree.com