Featured Startup Pitch: Timesly’s iPad-based facial recognition time clock could mean the end of ‘buddy punching’ and time theft in the workplace

By Editor April 4, 2014

Marc Aptakin, TimeslyBy Marc Aptakin, Timesly founder and CEO

Elevator Pitch: Timesly is the first-of-its-kind facial detection time clock app for iPad. Using proprietary FaceCheck technology, Timesly allows employees from any organization and industry to clock in-and-out of work by snapping a quick picture and entering a custom code. ‘Buddy punching’ and time theft are a thing of the past!

Product/Service Description

Timesly is the first time clock app for iPad that allows employees to clock in-and-out of work using facial detection technology. Set up is simple—users download Timesly from the App Store and mount their devices near the entrances and exits of their company. Using a custom code, the iPad camera snaps a quick photo and Timesly’s FaceCheck technology ensures buddy punching is a thing of the past. Sorry, cheaters, the jig is up.

Founders’ Story

Timesly was born out of the need to escape an ugly and inefficient time clock at one of my digital production facilities in Fort Lauderdale. The team came together and developed our own service that was faster, secure, sleeker and more accurate. I began my career as a photographer years ago, which grew from a personal love of art. I think the art lover in me was the driving factor behind needing a more aesthetically-pleasing solution, while the entrepreneur in me knew I could produce something that truly solved a problem for business owners.

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Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Our success lies in our ability to directly reach our customers—business owners, HR managers, and everyone in-between—who rely on Timesly to manage their employees and organizations. Our strategy consists of attending events, reaching out to media, and offering a free, 30-day trial for new customers.

Market Opportunity

The market for Timesly is limitless. Any organization that requires employees to clock-in, or anyone employing hourly workers, is a perfect match for Timesly. Businesses as small as two employees and as large as 200-plus employees in size are using our app. Timesly solves many HR problems for organizations, and makes reconciling timesheets a breeze. Because of the ease-of-use and unique features, Timesly truly has something for everyone.

How We Differentiate From the Competition

Timesly pioneered its own facial detection technology, FaceCheck. All of the data captured using FaceCheck is stored on a secure server that is backed up to the cloud for safe measure. Timesly’s monthly subscription service, MyTimesly, provides a simple, data-rich, week-by-week information grid that can be filtered by category and viewed in real-time. Most importantly, Timesly is a cost-efficient alternative to other biometric time clocks.

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Business Model

The MyTimesly subscription model is one flat rate, based on the number of employees using our service. Rates start at $25/month for up to 25 employees, $50/month for 26-to-50 employees, $100/month for 51-to-200 employees, and $250/month for 201-to-500 employees. For 500-plus employees, we offer custom packages. With Timesly, you get cutting-edge technology without compromising your budget or business model.

Current Needs

We’re looking for new customers to try Timesly and help get the word out about our service. If you’re interested in a 30-day free trial, or want to discuss custom rates, please get in touch.

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Timesly logoHeadquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Website: www.mytimesly.com

Founders: Marc Aptakin, Olivier Beuzelin

Investors: Bootstrapped

Year Founded: 2014

CrunchBase: crunchbase.com/company/timesly