Featured Startup Pitch: Viedit – Making the short video production process easy

By Editor October 19, 2015




Viedit is a network of freelance movie makers who create YOUR short videos, from home videos to corporate movies and animations.


Business have many opportunities to tell their stories with videos. However, a powerful short movie requires many skills, effort, and time to produce. How to find and easily work with the best (creative, experienced, and cost effective) freelancers, videographers, animators or video editors? We recognized the need and simplified this process.

Businesses can have their videos edited by an editor of their choice, based on language, style, quality, and price, from home videos to corporate movies and animations. One can simply upload their video recordings, set preferences and select a favorite editor.

Viedit can also help corporates to obtain User Generated Videos of their clients by vouchering the video edit service. Video recordings are edited and enriched with relevant data, creating highly valuable Internet content for corporates. There is no stronger promotion than authentic videos of happy customers using a product or service!

Technology and business model
Cloud-based SaaS marketplace making use of the newest technology like Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services, Panda and Ink File Picker.

Editors, animators, videographers set up profiles with their portfolio. Client posts a project, chooses an editor and pays Viedit. Freelancer gets paid when client is satisfied. Viedit’s fee is between five and 15 percent.

Launched September ‘13 as beta. Thousands of professional video editors from over 100 countries signed up and created impressive portfolios. Most of our initial clients, 70 percent SMB, pay between +-/ €50 and €300.

Viedit has a fast growing community; >10,000 followers. We offer an unique 24/7 global, multilingual video editing and animation service.


How Viedit beats the competition:

Like Dribbble, Viedit puts the skills, experience, and creativity of the movie makers at the center of attention. Clients can easily define their taste and get offers that fit their expectation. Where other generic platforms have a natural pressure on price, the Viedit approach results in optimum matches. In many cases the client only chooses one specific editor to request an offer.


Five founders, of which Béla Zsigmond and Herbert ten Have run the company. The other three founders own and two have gone public with their own IT company and provide all kinds of support to Viedit.

Viedit has successfully implemented an operational model that enables on average 12-to-15 international students to seriously contribute in various parts of our business. In this way we have an unlimited source of an applicable, creative and flexible working force.


HEADQUARTERS: Dordrecht, The Netherlands

FOUNDERS: Béla ZsigmondHerbert ten HaveReginald Sam-SinRicardo Sam-SinCor van Winkoop

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @vieditcom

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Viedit

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/viedit

CRUNCHBASE: crunchbase.com/organization/viedit-com

ANGELLIST: angel.co/viedit