Featured Startup Pitch: VoloMetrix enables businesses big-and-small to tap into actionable internal productivity data

By Editor November 27, 2012
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VoloMetrix logoCompany: VoloMetrix

Website: www.volometrix.com

Founders: Ryan Fuller and Chris Brahm

Headquarters: Seattle

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 8

Investors: Shasta Ventures

Twitter: @VoloMetrix

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VoloMetrix

Brief Company Description: VoloMetrix is the first solution that looks at data across all collaboration applications at an organization to improve strategic alignment and drive productivity.

By Ryan Fuller, CEO

Product Overview

Companies are more complex than ever before. They are more geographically dispersed, have more information flowing across departments and teams, and are focused on differentiation within more fluid, competitive markets. As a result, people within today’s organizations are managing many competing demands and—in many cases—are challenged to ‘keep their eye on the ball.’ Even though people are the most powerful assets at many organizations, companies often can’t determine whether their people are positioned to achieve the greatest business results.

VoloMetrix is the first application to address these challenges by providing insights to help teams align their efforts around the most meaningful and impactful opportunities, ensuring they are not distracted by the long tail of responsibilities that are only marginally valuable to the business. VoloMetrix’s Social Enterprise Intelligence application applies privacy filters and then analyzes anonymous, real-time information from corporate email, calendar, instant messaging, and social platforms to provide deep actionable insights into the ways teams are spending their time on the most important business priorities.

One common scenario applies to sales organizations. In many cases, sales people within large companies are only able to spend ten percent of their time interfacing with potential customers because they are pulled into planning meetings, reforecasting activities, or other internal initiatives. In this scenario, VoloMetrix can provide a new level of transparency, allowing sales teams to identify which internal teams and topics are consuming valuable sales time, enabling teams to make changes to allocate the right level of resources to pursuing sales opportunities.

VoloMetrix generates highly visual, easy to use reports that can be used by anyone across the organization. It provides an early warning system to determine when a team is distracted by too many meetings or unable to communicate with a key customer, for example. It’s about giving today’s competitive organizations the right tools to maximize the results from its biggest asset: its people.

Founders’ Story

I have spent my entire career helping organizations use data to inform the decision making process and improve business execution. Early on, I was a software engineer at two Business Intelligence startup companies, then I worked at Cognos as a solutions architect. From there, I moved into management consulting at Bain & Company, where I worked with executives to align their business’ strategies and resources to deliver better results and improve the bottom line.

VoloMetrix was a logical next step on this path for me. Collaboration tools contain a rich treasure trove of information that has been largely untapped. I saw an opportunity to analyze this data to create new insights reflecting the reality inside an organization. We developed VoloMetrix to help customers ‘see’ the work that is actually being prioritized and understand ‘how’ it’s being accomplished across respective teams.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

VoloMetrix is designed to help any medium or large organization—in any industry—that wants deeper visibility into the alignment of its people against the biggest priorities of the company. While the platform addresses a broad set of needs across corporate functions, we developed a highly adaptable application that delivers the most relevant sales insights to a sales team, the most powerful marketing insights to a marketing team, etc. When we’ve shown prospective customers the dashboard reports built upon their existing data, they become excited because they’re seeing information for the very first time that describes how their organization is really working towards its goals.

How We Differentiate from the Competition

Only VoloMetrix looks at data across all the collaboration applications inside an organization—including email and calendaring information—to offer a comprehensive view of the way teams work together. So our approach is quite different from various social media analytics tools that look only at social communications between a company and its customers. Email and meetings are still the places where most work is done, so our analytics solution collects and synthesizes the data in these ubiquitous applications to give a more complete view. VoloMetrix uses algorithms specifically designed to filter and analyze massive volumes of information stored in corporate collaboration applications to provide the broadest view of individual teams’ work patterns that organizations have never seen before.

Business Model

In terms of our company’s growth, we are seeing a lot of interest for our solution in sales, marketing, and IT organizations at high technology and financial services companies right now. We offer VoloMetrix as a subscription cloud-based offering. Our customers prefer this model because they can grow from a pilot program to a cross-company deployment quickly without a lot of support from their IT department.

Current Needs

We’re always looking for passionate, talented people to join the VoloMetrix team! We currently have positions open in engineering, sales, and customer success.

VoloMetrix – www.volometrix.com