Featured Startup Pitch: Worldclass white label e-learning offers mobile first solutions for online educators

By Editor December 22, 2015


COMPANY: Worldclass.io


Create, publish, and sell beautiful courses in your very own branded app—perfect for the ‘bite-sized learning’ mobile generation.


Worldclass.io offers a white label solution enabling educators to instantly launch sophisticated desktop and mobile e-learning suites. Publish your very own branded app on all platforms letting your learners study on the go, at any time, from any place or device.

The Worldclass.io widget can be added to a website in less than a minute, transforming the existing site into a fully-functional online academy. The solution is ideal for SMEs that provide language learning, business training, or general academic courses looking to engage their users with a suite of learning tools and analytics.

Educators are provided with professionally-branded and fully-customizable mobile apps, with a personalized logo and theme. They can add content through the ultra-intuitive admin panel, and keep up with student progress through the analytics dashboard and user timelines. They can also drag-and-drop videos, presentations, and documents, in any format.

Users can take courses, engage in discussions, assess their progress—directly from the homepage. The multi-platform functionality also means they can pick up where they left off, on their mobile devices, at their leisure. Gamification and social sharing make sure learners are engaged with courses, with the opportunity to drive further discussion and increased interactions.



Traditional e-learning tools, built for the web era, have not developed to suit a mobile generation. Employees and students consume huge amounts of content on their mobile devices; e-learning should be no different. Creating an app has never been an affordable option for in-house training or smaller academies—until now.

Worldclass.io provides a range of affordable solutions, meaning educators today now have a white label solution to enhance this experience.

Worldclass.io is also unique—as a white label solution they are not focused on driving their own brand, rather they act as an enabler. They are building a great experience for these educators, promoting their brands through improved, multi-platform offerings suited to the mobile generation.



Founders Uri Alexandrovitz and Tal Morgenstern met while teaching SAT classes and went on to create the biggest test prep tutoring company in Israel. Their experiences setting up their own teaching business, and not being able to build an online presence due to the prices involved, led them to develop the idea for Worldclass, which offers institutes and businesses of all shapes and sizes the ability to publish their courses using an affordable cross-platform app without the hassle of setting up complicated Learning Management Systems.


Free demo on iOS and Android (use PIN 4628) or accessible online. Pricing is based on a range of solutions – depending on content type and audience. Users can also buy and sell courses.



WEBSITE: worldclass.io


TWITTER: @WorldClassIO

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/worldclassio