Featured Startup Pitch: Detroit-based hiredMYway is turning to data to solve the pain points of online recruiting

By Editor October 8, 2013

Matt Mosher, hiredMYwayBy Matt Mosher, hiredMYway co-founder and CEO

Elevator Pitch: hiredMYway.com helps you simply, but strategically, market your positions to dozens of the leading websites in online recruiting based on where they are most likely to have success.

Product/Services Description

Tired of the time, hassle and headache of posting to multiple job boards and managing multiple accounts? Wish you knew which sources drove the best candidates for each of your positions?

Through hiredMYway.com, you can post your positions on a combination of job boards to most effectively target the right candidates for each one of your positions. To help guide you, we provide recommendations based on data aggregated from our dozens of partnering sites (CareerBuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired). You can easily create dynamic company profiles, so when job seekers click on your job description from any platform across the web, they can also access information on your company’s culture, including photos and videos. Because we’re all about results, employers receive detailed analytics about the posting performance of each of their jobs by source, including number of clicks and number of applicants.

Founder’s Story

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I started my first business when I was 15. Since that time, I have founded two other businesses. I love building and growing companies. I’m also from the Detroit area, which has been through a lot over the past several years. However, those of us in the area are dedicated to helping the city make a comeback.

hiredMYway.com, my newest venture, has thrust me into the vibrant and growing technology sector. At the height of unemployment in Detroit, one of my companies was hiring. Despite so many qualified people being out of a job, I found it nearly impossible to connect with top talent, and I knew there had to be a better way.

Approaching the recruitment industry as a total outsider, my initial thought was to create a results-driven website where employers could post their positions and pay only when they made a hire. In turn, job seekers could pay a nominal fee to show companies they were serious and guarantee their resume would be viewed. The long and short was that as the economy turned around, this model created budgeting uncertainty for employers and we had to make a pivot.

However, this experience helped me hone in on the real need for employers—an effective way to target job seekers through online advertisements. There are thousands of job boards out there and hiredMYway.com solves the puzzle for employers on where to post their positions using data.

Marketing and Promotions Strategy

Being Detroit-based, we have a lot of support from the local community and have received recognition from local media as well as through local events. We have a robust hiredMYway.com blog, where we share content relevant to job seekers and employers. In addition, we have a guest blogging program and we curate content from other thought leaders in the hiring space.

As we continue to grow, we’re exploring ways to increase our visibility to human resources professionals and corporate decision-makers through targeted media outreach and online engagement.

Market Opportunity

While major brands have their advertising down to a science, when companies advertise their job openings, it’s a whole different story. Nothing is data-driven, nothing is analytical—posting positions is simply guesswork. Companies never know which job boards or social media sites are most effective, making it almost impossible to calculate a return on investment.

In fact, last year alone, employers spent a combined $45 billion posting positions and crossing their fingers they would reach the right candidates. hiredMYway.com has changed the game, bringing to the job world the same advertising experience enjoyed by companies and brands.

How hiredMYway.com Is Different

There are several key differentiators between hiredMYway.com and competitors.

The data

Based on specifics of the job, like title and function, hiredMYway.com uses data from its partners to recommend the best combination of job boards to effectively reach the right candidates. Then, our technology tracks user clicks and applications by source and provides precise analytics to each of our customers so they can garner instantaneous information on how their campaign is performing.

Company marketing

When a job seeker accesses a posting through one of our partner sites, rather than viewing a dull job description like they normally would, they have a dynamic window into the job and company culture, increasing the company’s chances of attracting the best talent.

Pay based on exposure

All recommended postings include four paid websites. Using a multi-platform approach, postings on hiredMYway.com reach an audience that is an average of two times larger than the audience reached through one major job board posting.

Job-by-job marketing flexibility

Companies are not tied down to any one vendor, so they have the flexibility to reach different audiences job-by-job, based on the type of candidate they want to reach. With every paid posting, employers have the option to automatically post on 20 additional free websites through our Organic Recruiter tool.

Business Model

hiredMYway.com operates as a vendor management platform. The company takes a percentage of each job posting it sells.

Current Needs

hiredMYway.com is actively seeking Series B funding.

hiredMYway.com was founded in 2011 and was one of the first portfolio companies of the Detroit Venture Partners. The company’s new model was introduced in February, 2013.

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hiredMYway logoWebsite: www.hiredmyway.com

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Founder: Matt Mosher

Year Founded: 2011

Investors: Detroit Venture Partners, Scenic Investments

Twitter: twitter.com/hiredmyway

Facebook: facebook.com/hiredmyway

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/945056

Blog: blog.hiredmyway.com

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