Free Apple app development contest: Free app to good home

By Editor September 4, 2015

Louisville, Colo., USA — Spastic Muffin, LLC is proud to announce a free app development contest. You’ve heard of free app downloads? Well now you’re hearing about a free app developer! Starting this year, and potentially to continue in subsequent years, we will be donating one month of a USA-based senior app developer’s full-time work to build you an Apple iOS app (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices only). This is a contest, and if you want to be eligible to win this donated service, you must give us a proposal that talks up and explains your app development idea. Proposals can be tendered by anyone fluent in English, must be uploaded as a 1 page PDF, and must be provided by 2 October 2015. If you don’t apply, you can’t win!

For details on this contest and its proposal requirements, see:
Make sure to read these requirement details carefully. Not all proposals are created equal, and the Spastic Muffin critical eye will weed out proposals that are not technically sound or not well constructed.

About the business:
Spastic Muffin, LLC was formed in Louisville, Colorado, USA in 2013, and is a contract app development and inspired app development company. Normally we don’t donate our time for free, but rather we do contract (i.e., paid) app development. The company has published three inspired Apple apps: the Catsy Cat Toy ( for iPhone and iPad, WhatDidILike for Restaurant and Menu Item Preferences ( for iPhone, and Petunia Pet Health & Vet Records ( for iPad. Dr. Christopher G. Prince is the company owner and prior to 2013 was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Dr. Prince has been developing iOS apps since 2012.