‘FUERGY Business’ Launches, Maximizing Renewable Energy Efficiency For Businesses Through An AI-Powered Device

By Sam Brake Guia August 27, 2019

FUERGY today announces the launch of FUERGY Business, a product designed for businesses using an AI-powered solution backed by blockchain that helps its users optimize their energy consumption and maximize the efficiency of their energy sources.

FUERGY aims to optimize energy consumption for the 21st century with a focus on renewable energy sources and decentralization. The FUERGY Business device is highly compatible with renewable energy sources, while the AI-powered software ensures the most efficient energy use for the business. Users can even create their own virtual energy network, sharing surplus energy over an upgraded peer-to-peer network with all transactions recorded in the blockchain. With FUERGY, users can power not only their own business, but also hospitals, restaurants, or other residencies. 

Before implementing the device, the FUERGY team first provides an energy audit of the client’s machines, generators, systems, and any other additional devices. Thanks to decades of experience in the energy optimization industry, FUERGY is uniquely able to detect inefficiencies in the energy flow, recommend the optimal solution, and configure an AI-powered software to manage and monitor the system. After implementation, the AI system creates a pattern of client energy behavior, managing the user’s energy consumption. In a recent pilot test without renewable energy sources FUERGY reduced energy costs by 52.7% with a projected 66% for the month to come. When used with renewable energy resources, the savings are even greater.

For years, energy consumption has largely been inefficient, but AI technology is proving to be an effective tool to counter this problem. In fact, AI has already proven to be crucial in effectively managing energy companies with its ability to control energy supply and demand while saving valuable resources. FUERGY Business, with its AI-powered software and compatibility with renewable energy, allows businesses to retain control over their energy consumption while focusing on a sustainable future.

“Humankind has spent the majority of the past century being inefficient and wasteful with its energy usage.” said Radoslav Stompf, Chairman of the Board / CEO of FUERGY, “We now have the technology to change that. We are living in the future of energy. Come join us.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company