Funding & Acquisitions Roundup: Sixense obliterates its Kickstarter funding goal for a new wireless version of its motion-sensing gaming and VR controller

By Editor September 13, 2013

Today’s early-stage startup funding and acquisitions news:

Sixense, which has built a motion-sensing controller for VR and gaming, has blown away the funding goal for its Kickstarter campaign to fund a new, wireless version of its product. By this morning, just over 24-hours into the campaign, it had accumulated $454,265 from 1,764 backers committed to the project. With 28 days left, it’s clear its $250,000 fundraising goal was modest, to say the least. The company has actually been around since 2007 and has licensing deals in place with controller and game production companies. It touts its modular motion-tracking platform as enabling video game players and virtual-reality software users to “interact naturally and intuitively with games by tracking full position and orientation at all times.” This new wireless version of the controller includes enhanced range and better tracking performance at all ranges, according to the company. Sixense is based in Los Gatos, California.

Vital Info.:



HQ: Los Gatos, California

Founder: Amir Rubin

Year Founded: 2007

Innovation: A motion-sensing wireless controller for VR and gaming.

Total Funding: $454,265 (via ongoing Kickstarter campaign)

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